Friday, February 14, 2014

What's been going on 02/14/14

Hi pals,

Puffy here - Coco, Simba Blue (our Kitty furbrother) and I got hauled off to the vet yesterday.

                                                 This is Simba Blue - Our kitty furbrother.

I had to go get my thyroid re-checked and a couple of shots and heartworm testing.  Coco needed the heartworm testing also.  Simba has been sick off and on a couple of time so the humans wanted the vet to give him a check-up to see if there was something wrong with him.

So early in the morning Simba was put into a crate and we were all put into the cab area of the truck.  Momma had stayed up late working on the Valentines day party for our Dogster page and let me tell you she was CRANKY because we are out of internet time so she had to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to work on it when internet doesn't cost anything.

Simba apparently didn't like going for a ride and MEOWED the whole way there (over one hours worth of listening to ole Simba was enough to give me a headache).

Momma made sure she held Coco and I securely and wouldn't put us on the floor because the last time we were at the vet, a big dog attacked me.  The vet was very nice and let momma and daddy leave us there while they went grocery shopping and had lunch in town.  I have been having lots of eye watering and the vet said it is because I have blocked tear ducts so I now have to have some ointment put in each eye.  Coco has an ear infection so she has to have some drops put into each ear.  Simba, the one who has been sick was found to be OKAY and didn't need anything (the vet thinks Simba probably had hairballs - go figure).

Anyhow, that's what has been going on in our lives.  Happy Valentines day to everyone.

Puff Darby


  1. Well, its already the 15th here, but Happy Valentine's Day to you anyways!

    Hope those eye & ear drops do their work...and glad your kitty was OK.

    Woofs and purrs from the meezers.

  2. Now take yur drops like good dogs. Hope yu are both doin better real soon. An' Simba hacks up that ol' fur ball too.

  3. Hope you pups is feelin' better... and glad dat your purdy kitty is a-okay!! Luv ya!!

  4. Happy belated Valentine's to you and yours. I hates ear drops, or my dogness! Feel better soon everyone!

  5. Bewated Habby Bawentimes Day tu' tu ebery kitty, tu.