Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This is what has been going on....

Hi everyone, Mei-Ling and Jade here,

We haven't had our blog updated in months!  Time is just flying by.  I will be turning two years old on June 10th, and Jade will turn 1 on July 27th, can you believe that?  My little fursister and I get along great.  Her personality is quite different than mine though.  I am calm and mello.  Jade on the other hand, always seems to get in trouble.  Just today, Jade destroyed one of momma's Iris plants that was just opening up.  Now, it is in a zillion pieces because Jade thought it would be fun to rip it apart.  I tried and tried to tell her to leave the flower alone, but she wouldn't listen.  When she was done with the Iris, she moved on to some other plants.  Momma had to put up fencing around several of the planters to keep Jade from doing more damage.

As some of you might have noticed, we didn't get to post any of our pretty photos here.  There were over 3,000 photos in momma's computer, but the software program got messed up and refused to let momma have access to any of them.  Luckily, momma found a computer expert who could trouble shoot her computer remotely and was able to fix the problem.  Once momma could access the photos, momma immediately moved them all onto thumb drives so if the computer messes up again, at least the photos will be safe.  

Daddy has been busy reassembling the greenhouse he put up last year.  We had some real strong wind storms come our way, and every panel, plus some of the framing got ripped out.  Daddy discovered that two of the larger panels have disappeared.  There isn't anyplace locally where he can purchase replacement panels from so he had to order them through the internet.   The shipping costs were more than the panels were, can you believe that?

Momma hasn't been doing much of anything.  She tried to make a doctors appointment, but her doctor was out sick, so she ended up having to see someone else.  This doctor ordered a full set of blood tests and discovered momma's red blood count was dangerously low.  It was so low, that momma had to be rushed to the hospital for a blood trasfusion.  She was admitted to the hospital and received three units of blood.  Now momma has to get a bunch of testing done to figure out what is going on with her.   At least now, we understand why momma was so tired all the time.

We hope all is well with our pals.  We are still in shock about beautiful Whitley 's passing.  She is going to be missed by all of her friends and family...

Love to you all!

Mei-Ling and Jade

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Big girl surgery 01/30/16

Hello, hello!  Mei-Ling here.

My little fursister Jade had her big girl surgery done on Thursday.  Our regular vet couldn't get her in until February 18th.  Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but we are expecting a series of storms coming through, thus, our roads will become dangerous and mucky.  Daddy found a vet in Grants that could take her the next day, so that worked well.

So, Thursday morning, we got up super early and headed off to Grants.  I had to get a booster shot, while Jade was getting spayed and microchipped.  I'm happy to report that everything went well.  This vet office was a very tiny place and didn't do things quite as my vet does.  Jade did not get the tiny incision on her side, instead, the vet made the larger incision in the middle of her belly.  The humans were told it was a good thing the surgery was done that way because her uterus was quite large.  Also, once the surgery was completed, the vet tattooed a heart on her tummy which is supposed to indicate that she has been spayed.

I am so jealous!  I didn't get a tattoo after I had my big girl surgery....

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jade's first snow 11/12/15

Hi pals, Mei-Ling and Jade here,

 Hey Mei-Ling, what's this stuff all over our fake grass?

Can I eat it?
 Mei-Ling. its falling from the sky...

 Don't be scared Jade, it's snow...

Mei-Ling, I'm cold... 

Me and my big mouth, but you got to admit, I rock in this coat.
I need to tell you a little something about my fursister Jade, she thinks she owns everything in the house.  She has very sharp teeth and likes to bit my legs and she even bit momma on the lip and made it bleed.  It's not that she is mean, as she is just a baby, but that biting stuff has to stop.   

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hi there 10/08/15

Hi everyone, Mei-Ling here.
I officially have a little fursister.   Her name is Arizona Empress Yi-Tan Jade.  She has been here almost two weeks now.  Do you want to see some pictures of her?
Here she is out in our courtyard - 10 weeks old.
She looks kind of grumpy, but she is really very happy. 

She loves to garden.
I was telling her that she better get out of momma's garden, but she wouldn't listen.  Don't you think she looks like a little rodent here?
She better get that stuff out of her mouth or momma will figure out she has been in her garden.
 I've been real good and sharing the stuffies with her.  In fact, I had this stuffie and she took it away from me.  She even takes all of my cookies, can you believe that? 

Look how tired she looks.  We had been playing all morning long and she is worn out - THANK GOODNESS!

 My fursister is tired.  She needs a nice nap.
 Okay, maybe we both need a nap.
 Having a little fursister is kind of fun, but I really wish she wouldn't take all of my cookies and stuffies. 

 On another note, we continue to have Internet problems.  Daddy doesn't know why we are always out of internet time, but when that happens, all we can do is wait for our allotment to be renewed.  Until that happens, we can't post anything, that is why we haven't been blogging much.  Pretty pitiful if you ask me... 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

OMG - Tell me it isn't true

Hi pals,  Coco Rose here,

Sometimes things happen and there aren't any explanations for.  My good friend Ebby came to the Rainbow Bridge to be with her sisters Winkles and Ceeley.  I have always had a rival with Ebby because she liked to take MY cookies whenever she was at one of the wonderful parties that Puffy and I used to throw. 

"Hey Ebby!  Get away from MY cookies!!!  Oh, sorry, as I was saying Ebby is now an Angel and she is once again trying to take MY cookies". 

Ms. Lulu, my momma is crying for your losses.  You have had your share of heartaches;  First Wrinkles a few years ago and Pawpa, then right before Puffy came to join me, sweet Ceeley showed up at the heavenly gates.  Now Ebby.  Please find comfort in knowing that you have given all of your furchildren a wonderful home with much adventures, cookies and most of all love.  Their Pawpa was waiting for them as they crossed into the most wonderful kingdom.  Of course I came with a welcoming basket of cookies and Ebby wanted to know why my secret pockets were bugling out and the basket was almost empty - Sheesh, she was implying that I took some of her cookies, can you believe it"?

Ms. Lulu, please accept my sincere condolences, but I feel that Ceeley and Ebby were so close, that they didn't want to be without one another.  I know it hurts having lost many that you love so close together, but please find comfort in knowing that your furbabies are once again together along with their beloved Pawpa. 

Look at Ebby's beautiful smile.  It's hard to believe she is gone.

 Ceeley always took time to stop and smell the flowers. 

BIG sister Wrinkles was at the pearly gate with Pawpa waiting for Ceeley and Ebby. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My job here is done

Hi pals, Puff Darby here.

As many of my pals know, I was real sad when my fursister Coco Rose, left and went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Even though Coco was a bossy pup, and sometimes yapped in my face, I adored her and followed her around when we were outside, going on another adventure together.  To help me get out of my depression, the humans brought home a tiny Shih Tzu puppy mamed Mei-Ling.  After the first week of trying to avoid her, I could see that she needed me, as much as I needed Coco.

I made it my mission to show her what she could, and couldn't do around the house.  This new little fursister heard momma telling me that it would be nice if I would share my small stash of stuffies with her, so I did.  Mei-Ling has been here for over over year, and I feel my job as her personal teacher, has come to an end.

Tomorrow, I am going on an adventure that Mei-Ling will not be invited to go on.  I have tried my hardest to ignore Coco calling me, but, I can not ignore it any longer.  I will be departing this world at approximately 8:30AM.  I have packed some of my favorite stuffies to take with me, verified I have my one way ticket, and am ready to go.  Momma understands and although she will be very sad without me, it will be nice to be healthy and able to run and walk again.

The humans have been looking for months to find Mei-Ling a younger companion, as my body had worn down to the point where I could barely walk, yet alone play with Mei-Ling.   It just so happened that the breeder the humans got Mei-Ling from, currently has a chocolate Shih Tzu puppy, so momma and daddy are hoping they will be able to adopt her.  If they are successful, Yi-Tan, will join Mei-Ling around September 30th (notice momma is continuing  on with the Chinese names).  I forgot to mention that Yi-Tan is Mei-Ling's half sister.  Same daddy, but a different mother.

Anyhoodle, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for being my friend.  Now that Coco and I will be up in heaven together, we are going to find out what the rules are regarding PARTYING.  Yup, we are hoping to throw the biggest, and best party in the clouds.

Puff Darby

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tasty 06/13/15

Hi pals - Mei-Ling here...

I got my very own BUSY bone, and boy was it TASTY!


I'm going to eat all of it...
The only problem with Busy Bones is that I tend to get the crumbs stuck in my beautiful hair and you know what that means - Yes, I had to have a bath afterwards, but it was worth it!
And for those of you who are wondering, I didn't actually get to eat the whole thing because Puffy stole it from me and then preceded to gobble it down.