Friday, May 26, 2017

5/25/17 We are still here

"Hello! Hello!  Mei-Ling and Jade here"

"Wait a minute!  Shouldn't that be Jade and Mei-Ling here?!"

 Arizona Empress Mei-Ling Star

Arizona Empress Yi-Tan Jade

"No, I'm the oldest and I had this blog before you were even born".  "I have "Seniority", whatever that is?"

"Oh, okay"

Mei-Ling snickers and pushes Jade away from the keyboard...

"It's been a super long time since my blog was updated"

"Wait a minute, shouldn't that be "OUR" blog was updated?"

"Sorry, that was an accident.  I guess my mind is thinking about the bully stick momma gave me earlier.   I left it on the living room rug"

"Mei-Ling, I think I hear momma calling me.  I'll be right back"  Jade runs off and Mei-Ling snickers.

"There is no Bully stick.  I don't like them, but Jade loves to chew on them.  I knew she would fall for the Ole Bully stick trick.  Doesn't she know what part of the bull she is sticking in her mouth?  Guess that's a silly question because we are talking about Jade, who likes to eat poop"

"So, as I started to say before Jade interrupted me, welcome to my blog.  Momma has been neglecting updating things here, so I'm going to take it upon myself to let everyone know what's been going on"

"We had an interesting winter this year.  Some days seemed like winter with hail, sleet and snow"

Snow - isn't it pretty?

Snow on the courtyard fence.

More snow coming.

"Other days, it would be nice and sunny, in fact, the weather was so nice it seemed like summer, without the pesky mosquitos and gnats around"

Pretty Cliff with patches of melting snow at base.

The deer are out looking for something to eat.

Turkey vulture sitting on cattle ranchers fence.  

"Jade an I spent most of the winter hanging in the bedroom with momma"  

Jade climbed in bed with me, and I was really nice and let her stay

"Daddy put up a small green house, but he is having problems getting things to grow.  I don't know why he doesn't put some tasty chickens in there.  I'll take care of them, he wouldn't have to do a thing, except maybe pick up feathers"  

  The roof is being replaced because it became brittle and the hail broke most of the panels.

"Our garden in the courtyard got murdered by mother nature.  Apparently she doesn't like tomatoes or hot peppers.  No sooner did momma get the veggies planted, mother nature sent snow.  Plants weren't happy and died"

Dead tomato plant.

"Mei-Ling, I looked and looked, but couldn't find the bully stick"

"I bet Simba took it, because he saw me drop it on the rug.  Let's go ask him"

Simba Blue, our kitty brother

"We better not wake him up.  He might get cranky and swipe with his paws"

"Okay, then let's go watch daddy repair the green house.  Maybe he will have some cookies in his pocket"

And, off they went...

The end 


  1. All dat snow looks like fun! We only got a tiny bit this winter, but me and Brinley still played in it. Finley says she are over it.

  2. My Momma's been neglectin' my blog, too... durn her. And she makes me share it wiff Brinley... whut da woof? She's been neglectin' it so much I didn't evfun knows dat y'all updated. It sure wuz good to read dat y'all is doin' good... you girls is so durn cute! Whut's dat, Brinley?? Brinley sez to say hi fur her, too, so hi from da Brat... (evfun if she don't think she's a brat, I duz)... Bark in agin soon, and let us know how y'all are doin'....

    1. Hi Kinley, Finley and Brinley,

      What are we going to do with our mommas? And please, don't get me started on the "cute" little names that my momma calls me. According to her, I'm the BAD one and Mei-Ling is the GOOD one. Someday I'll have to take over the computer and write all about it.

      We miss y'all...