Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sharing - Part 2

Hi pals, Mei-Ling here...

Today I am going to talk about sharing, again.  Puffy and I have several beds that we can sleep in.  The round, red beds that I showed you in the first Sharing post that momma has on top of her bed.   And then, there are the two beds that are kept on the floor so when momma doesn't want to share her bed with us (seems like momma could use some lessons on sharing also), anyhow,  can sleep in the ones on the floor.

I invited myself to share Puffy's bed with him - he didn't mind at all - BOL

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sharing 05/30/15

Hello pals, Mei-Ling Star here,

I wanted to show you how good I am at sharing...

This is Puffy's bed that sits on top of Momma's bed.  I'm teaching Puffy the importance of sharing.

Here are some stuffies that Puffy had before I moved in.  Again, I'm teaching Puffy the importance of sharing. 
Here Puffy is playing with his favorite stuffie, Mr. Froggy.  As you can see, Puffy hasn't quite gotten the hang of sharing as he doesn't want to let me have the stuffie.
 "No, No Puffy, you are supposed to let me play with your stuffies."  As you can see, this was an older picture because I was just a tiny pup, but the lessons had to start early so I could establish that sharing is good.

"Lesson, smession - Mr. Froggy is MINE.  No little pip squeak is going to take my froggy away."
And here is a really important sharing lesson.  Make sure you share the blame when the humans think you did something wrong.  "Ripped paper?  What ripped paper?"

"It wasn't me - Puffy must have done it."
It's a good thing I'm such a nice guy as I let Mei-Ling THINK she is getting away with all kinds of stuff, but we all know who the real trouble maker is in my house, and it isn't me.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

We have a green house 05/28/25

Hi pals, Puff Darby here...

Daddy spent a lot of time putting together a green house for growing veggies:

I don't know why they call it a green house - it isn't green...Just saying...

Monday, May 25, 2015


Hi pals, Puff Darby here...and that annoying, bossy and barking Mei-Ling.

To Finley and Whitley, I am loading our car with a bunch of inner tubes and headed your way.  We aren't flooded down here so why not pack a bag and come to New Mexico for a spell?  I must tell you that it is raining here, but nothing like what Texas and Oklahoma have been getting.  We have lots of  good food for you to eat, in fact, we can go round up a couple of cattle and have fresh meat.  If you don't like beef but prefer fresh chickens, several of the residents in our community have chickens.  I don't know where they are, but with our noses I'm sure we can find them.  I'll get out the BBQ and we can have a good ole time.  Don't forget to include some stuffies in your bag.

You can play in our courtyard where you will be safe from wild animals...

My bossy fursister Mei-Ling wouldn't leave me alone until I posted a picture - "what Mei-Ling"?  Sorry, a Pretty picture of her.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

What has been going on 05/23/15

Hi pals, Mei-Ling here...

Surely I don't need to tell everyone that the lack of blog entrees is momma's fault.  Puffy and I have had a talk with her and told her not only are our pals wondering what has happened to us (Hi Zoe), but we have been curious about what wonderful things and not so wonderful things (sending sincere condolences to Goose's family during this heartbreaking time).  So here is what we have been up to:

The weather here in New Mexico has been full of surprises.  We had some really nice sunny day, that made momma get outside and start her garden.  Big mistake as mother nature threw in a couple of snow storms our way and all of the tomatoes died.

Here is our court yard that has snow all over it.  It snowed so hard that our pretty Crab Apple tree got weighed down and bent all the way over so it touched the top of the tree ring - momma had to go outside and shake the snow off the limbs so it could stand up again.

 This is how momma tried to protect some of the plants she had planted the day before (It had been a really nice, sunny week). 

 The onions didn't mind the snow, in fact, they thrived with the extra water.

Here is my furbrother Puffy out in the snow.
Of course, I couldn't forget to post one of my pretty pictures while I was in the snow.
 This picture was taken the day before it snowed.  We love our grass even though it is fake. The humans put it down right before it snowed so mud wouldn't be tracked into the house.  They plan on installing it correctly this summer so it lays flat - BOL.

Yup, the fake grass needs to be fixed.

We now have a really nice swing that Puffy and I like to sit on.  It took momma days to try to assemble it, finally daddy had to come and put it together.
On the cold, snowy days, my furbrother Puffy likes to stay cuddled up in bed.
Here I am modeling my new tutu dress.  Aren't I cute?
Puffy doesn't like to play to much anymore because he is old and as momma puts it "falling apart", so guess what?  They are looking for another Shih Tzu puppy so I can have my very own little pal to chase and play with. 
Hugs and kisses,
Mei-Ling Star