Saturday, May 23, 2015

What has been going on 05/23/15

Hi pals, Mei-Ling here...

Surely I don't need to tell everyone that the lack of blog entrees is momma's fault.  Puffy and I have had a talk with her and told her not only are our pals wondering what has happened to us (Hi Zoe), but we have been curious about what wonderful things and not so wonderful things (sending sincere condolences to Goose's family during this heartbreaking time).  So here is what we have been up to:

The weather here in New Mexico has been full of surprises.  We had some really nice sunny day, that made momma get outside and start her garden.  Big mistake as mother nature threw in a couple of snow storms our way and all of the tomatoes died.

Here is our court yard that has snow all over it.  It snowed so hard that our pretty Crab Apple tree got weighed down and bent all the way over so it touched the top of the tree ring - momma had to go outside and shake the snow off the limbs so it could stand up again.

 This is how momma tried to protect some of the plants she had planted the day before (It had been a really nice, sunny week). 

 The onions didn't mind the snow, in fact, they thrived with the extra water.

Here is my furbrother Puffy out in the snow.
Of course, I couldn't forget to post one of my pretty pictures while I was in the snow.
 This picture was taken the day before it snowed.  We love our grass even though it is fake. The humans put it down right before it snowed so mud wouldn't be tracked into the house.  They plan on installing it correctly this summer so it lays flat - BOL.

Yup, the fake grass needs to be fixed.

We now have a really nice swing that Puffy and I like to sit on.  It took momma days to try to assemble it, finally daddy had to come and put it together.
On the cold, snowy days, my furbrother Puffy likes to stay cuddled up in bed.
Here I am modeling my new tutu dress.  Aren't I cute?
Puffy doesn't like to play to much anymore because he is old and as momma puts it "falling apart", so guess what?  They are looking for another Shih Tzu puppy so I can have my very own little pal to chase and play with. 
Hugs and kisses,
Mei-Ling Star 



  1. HI! I am So glad to hear yu barkin! I wuz thinkin yud gotten snowed in an wuz diggin out.
    Has yur Momma seen sum things called Wall O' Water? They wurk real good fur protectin yur mater plants frum the late season bad weathers. We've used them fur years, until the outdoor cats put holes in them to make lil fountains drink outta. :-/
    I think yur fake grass looks great! No need to mow or water it! We may need sum o' that when we move to My place in Colorado. Time is gettin closer fur us to move there, nex' spring with Daddy! I will be a farmer doggie then!
    Yep, Mei Ling, yu shur look purdy in yur fancy dress there. Yu are a fashun deeva!
    Hi Puff! Stay warm!

  2. So gud to hear frum y'all!!! And Mei Ling-- there you are, lookin' as cute as evfur!! And Puffy.... dat is such a cute photo of you in da bed...

    Dat fake grass in yer courtyard is such a gud idea!! And we luvs dat swing-- it looks super comfy.

    We knows all 'bout da weird weathfur.... we's gone from a 5 year drought to a flood... and no end in sight to da rain.... we is all so sick of da rain. Our yard goes squish, squish, squish when ya walks across it.

    1. And anudder puppy! Dat is some wunnerful news!

      Well, just as long as my Momma don't go git puppy fever...

    2. Demon Flash Bandit is glad you are okay, and he likes the snow. I'm writing for him because he has some important napping to do.

    3. Finley and Demon Flash Bandit,

      We are fine, but having a lot of stuff go wrong here. Our wonderful tasting well water turned salty. Don't know what we can do about it. The workers have not returned to complete the retaining wall or pond which will divert rain water into a catchment container that we can use one the garden. Right now, we have to buy bottled water to drink and water the plants.

      That swing was hard to put together. Never again, says momma - LOL

  3. Hello!!
    Great to hear your woofs and barks!

    Wow, that fake grass is green, and it looks good. Pawppy needs that here, BOL!

    Those are sweet pics of a cozy Puffy. You look adorable in that tutu!

    Stay warm!!
    OMD, another puppy?? What fun!!

    1. I kept on asking momma to post something on our blog and she said she would, but she didn't. I'm going to try to keep on nagging her to make sure she posts more often.

      Did you know, that fake grass gets real hot in the sun? Yup, it gets so hot that momma can't walk on it without shoes.

      Please don't remind me that the humans are looking to get another Shih Tzu puppy. How am I going to survive with TWO of them?

  4. Good to hear from you guys.

    Aroo to you,

  5. Anudder puppy? Bet ya'd like dat Mei Ling.

    Glad to hear from y'all.

    1. Hi Whitley, we are worried about you and Finley. Please come stay at our house until the rains go away. We can have a PARTY... Mei-Ling says she will let you both try on her dresses.

      Yup, what got into the humans that they are even considering getting another puppy?

  6. It sure is good to hear from you. Crikey Mei-Ling ...... you got BIG and Puffy ...... you look great mate!! AND you're going to get a new puppy .... how exciting is that?? We sure have missed hearing all about you. That swing in the backyard looks like fun.

    1. Charlie, Mei-Ling grew fast...She doesn't weigh as much as me, but she is just as tall. She is tall enough to bark in my face, which I don't care for but being a good big brother, I don't snap at her. She gets away with lots of stuff because she is so cute. I might have to pack my bag and come live with you down under, where the Shih Tzu sisters won't be able to find me - is that okay with you?