Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jade's first snow 11/12/15

Hi pals, Mei-Ling and Jade here,

 Hey Mei-Ling, what's this stuff all over our fake grass?

Can I eat it?
 Mei-Ling. its falling from the sky...

 Don't be scared Jade, it's snow...

Mei-Ling, I'm cold... 

Me and my big mouth, but you got to admit, I rock in this coat.
I need to tell you a little something about my fursister Jade, she thinks she owns everything in the house.  She has very sharp teeth and likes to bit my legs and she even bit momma on the lip and made it bleed.  It's not that she is mean, as she is just a baby, but that biting stuff has to stop.