Friday, October 9, 2015

Hi there 10/08/15

Hi everyone, Mei-Ling here.
I officially have a little fursister.   Her name is Arizona Empress Yi-Tan Jade.  She has been here almost two weeks now.  Do you want to see some pictures of her?
Here she is out in our courtyard - 10 weeks old.
She looks kind of grumpy, but she is really very happy. 

She loves to garden.
I was telling her that she better get out of momma's garden, but she wouldn't listen.  Don't you think she looks like a little rodent here?
She better get that stuff out of her mouth or momma will figure out she has been in her garden.
 I've been real good and sharing the stuffies with her.  In fact, I had this stuffie and she took it away from me.  She even takes all of my cookies, can you believe that? 

Look how tired she looks.  We had been playing all morning long and she is worn out - THANK GOODNESS!

 My fursister is tired.  She needs a nice nap.
 Okay, maybe we both need a nap.
 Having a little fursister is kind of fun, but I really wish she wouldn't take all of my cookies and stuffies. 

 On another note, we continue to have Internet problems.  Daddy doesn't know why we are always out of internet time, but when that happens, all we can do is wait for our allotment to be renewed.  Until that happens, we can't post anything, that is why we haven't been blogging much.  Pretty pitiful if you ask me...