Saturday, December 27, 2014

It was almost a Christmas Miracle 12/27/14

Happy Holidays pals, Puffy here.

"Hey, what about me?"

"Okay, don't throw a fit.  Puffy AND Mei-Ling here."

Daddy got a call from the "vanishing worker's boss" stating that they would be coming over on December 23rd to finish the job.  We waited and waited and guess what?  NO ONE SHOWED UP!!!!  Yup, once again our hopes were high but they quickly fell when no one came.  The following day, low and behold, on Christmas eve day, they were here.  Did they finish the job started?  NO!!!!  Instead, they came and removed most of their equipment and then left.  We have been having snow off and on so the dirt was covered in show and there was ice in the trenches.  The boss man told daddy that they would be back once the weather is better.  

While the workers boss was here, he and daddy walked over to where the pond is and the boss man pointed out some Cougar prints in the snow.  Our elderly neighbor had told momma that she had seen a Cougar walking in the field behind her home.  Now we have verification of one having been in our yard.  Momma says we are not allowed out side without a human unless we are in our enclosed courtyard. 

"Puffy stop hogging up the blog - it's my turn."

I loved the holidays!  I got lots of cookies, treats and stuffies.  And guess what?  I got to wear one of Coco's Christmas dress and it looked really pretty on me.

Here I am in Coco's pretty Christmas dress.  I could be a model...

Doesn't Puffy look handsome in his tux?

Here is another photo of Puffy and me...

Momma was talking to daddy yesterday and she told him that she would like to adopt another Shih Tzu puppy so that I will have someone to play with since Puffy doesn't play that much.  Daddy told momma that she could "have all the Shih Tzu's that she wants!!!"  Momma almost fainted but I guess daddy loves me so much he wants more little dogs just like me - BOL, BOL.  Poor Puffy, what's he going to do? 

Friday, December 19, 2014

I love snow 12/19/14

Hi pups - Mei-Ling here...

For those of you who are wondering, and even if you aren't, we did not get the work finished in our back yard for the retaining wall and other stuff that was "in progress".  It looks like that project is going to have to wait until sometime next year, or longer, depending on when the workers decide to honor us with their presence. 

We have had snow for a couple of days and boy do I love it.  I like to run, eat and lay in it.  Puffy on the other hand, doesn't seem to enjoy it as much as I do.

The snows have arrived...

Picture of snow on unfinished retaining wall and our back yard...Does anyone see any workers out there?

Sun is out and the snow is beginning to melt...
I love the snow...
It's quite tasty...

What does this photo have to do with snow?

Puffy doesn't really like snow...

He would much rather be inside playing with his stuffies.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas cards 12/13/14

Hi pals, Puffy here...

"Hey, what about me"?

Okay, Puffy and Mei-Ling here...

I need to talk about Christmas cards - As many of you know, momma has been sending out our cards the day after Thanksgiving but this year that hasn't happened.  Momma kept on telling herself that she would do them "tomorrow" but just couldn't bring herself to open up the drawer where the Christmas cards were stored because they have Coco's photo on them.  It's not that momma wants to forget Coco, instead, it's the fact that Coco isn't here to enjoy Christmas with us and her many pals.  Momma says she is going to try to go to Gallup and buy some new Christmas cards this week but it's now snowing so the weather might prevent her from making it to town.  Not sure what is going to happen now, so if you don't get a card from us this year - it's all momma's fault!!!!

On to other stuff, the lazy workers came out and put up the retaining wall and had the concrete poured for the walk way in our courtyard and the patio in the back.  Too bad they didn't order enough concrete to fill the retaining wall blocks so they would not fill with water.  It has rained and snowed and the workers have not finished the job.  When they left, they covered the patio and newly poured walk ways with some type of cover that was supposed to protect the concrete until it's dry.  Mei-Ling and I are betting that the workers won't be back until sometime NEXT YEAR.

Once the walkways were poured, daddy was finally able to unroll the fake grass and put it down in our courtyard. 

The fake grass doesn't look too bad here...

Here is Mei-Ling checking out the new lawn...
It doesn't look too good because it has been kept on a roll and wrapped in plastic wrap for quite a long time.  All of the grass is flattened down but we are hoping it will spring back up over time.  Momma says she really doesn't care what it looks like as long as it prevents us from getting muddy feetsies all the time.

"Tell everyone about the snow Puffy."

Oh yeah, it snowed today and guess who went crazy playing in it.  Mei-Ling did!  She was one wild little pup running around in the wetness and leaving her little paw prints all over the place.  She liked it so much that she didn't want to come back into the house, instead, she laid down in it and refused to come inside; momma had to pick her up and carry her back into the house - BOL, BOL


I don't mind the snow but I'd prefer being inside on a nice warm bed.