Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas cards 12/13/14

Hi pals, Puffy here...

"Hey, what about me"?

Okay, Puffy and Mei-Ling here...

I need to talk about Christmas cards - As many of you know, momma has been sending out our cards the day after Thanksgiving but this year that hasn't happened.  Momma kept on telling herself that she would do them "tomorrow" but just couldn't bring herself to open up the drawer where the Christmas cards were stored because they have Coco's photo on them.  It's not that momma wants to forget Coco, instead, it's the fact that Coco isn't here to enjoy Christmas with us and her many pals.  Momma says she is going to try to go to Gallup and buy some new Christmas cards this week but it's now snowing so the weather might prevent her from making it to town.  Not sure what is going to happen now, so if you don't get a card from us this year - it's all momma's fault!!!!

On to other stuff, the lazy workers came out and put up the retaining wall and had the concrete poured for the walk way in our courtyard and the patio in the back.  Too bad they didn't order enough concrete to fill the retaining wall blocks so they would not fill with water.  It has rained and snowed and the workers have not finished the job.  When they left, they covered the patio and newly poured walk ways with some type of cover that was supposed to protect the concrete until it's dry.  Mei-Ling and I are betting that the workers won't be back until sometime NEXT YEAR.

Once the walkways were poured, daddy was finally able to unroll the fake grass and put it down in our courtyard. 

The fake grass doesn't look too bad here...

Here is Mei-Ling checking out the new lawn...
It doesn't look too good because it has been kept on a roll and wrapped in plastic wrap for quite a long time.  All of the grass is flattened down but we are hoping it will spring back up over time.  Momma says she really doesn't care what it looks like as long as it prevents us from getting muddy feetsies all the time.

"Tell everyone about the snow Puffy."

Oh yeah, it snowed today and guess who went crazy playing in it.  Mei-Ling did!  She was one wild little pup running around in the wetness and leaving her little paw prints all over the place.  She liked it so much that she didn't want to come back into the house, instead, she laid down in it and refused to come inside; momma had to pick her up and carry her back into the house - BOL, BOL


I don't mind the snow but I'd prefer being inside on a nice warm bed.


  1. Mei-Ling sure looks like she's havin fun in dat snow. I likes snow, but there's nuffin like comin inside.

  2. Crikey Puffy .... Christmas without Coco Rose!! ..... Of course your Momma's sad and going to the Christmas card drawer would be hard for her but it's Mei-Lings very first Christmas and the memories are just starting for her, aye?? Christmas cards don't really matter. I'm sure all your friends understand.
    Looks like you are going to have to wait for spring before all that work gets finished, aye?? AND doesn't Mei-Ling love the snow?? You look so cute out there together.

  3. I'm jus glad to hear yu bark in! I thot yu wuz all froze up there at yur rancho. Don't wurry bout those cards.
    That grass should wurk good with no muds but I bet yu brot in a bunch o' snowballs on yur feetsies! I shur do when we have that nice sticky snow like yu had.
    That Mei Ling is a lil snow freak!

  4. That is cute how Mei Ling loves the snow! Her and I would get along great.

    Do not worry about the cards. Your pals understand. Mom remembers the first Christmas without Angel Abby. It was hard, but mom found it therapeutic to send out cards that year. She included a picture of Abby and one of me, cause it was my first Christmas. Just let your momma do what she feels is best. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

  5. It is OBVIOUS that Mei Ling Loves the snow...
    Our mom says that if your mom Runs VACULA over the grass... it should spring back up... It worked on some that she had once... Just Stay FAR FAR away from VACULA when she does it... That one is EVIL.

  6. Cards, hey mine are on the table...unaddressed...but she did send out E-cards...

    Those lazy workers indeed...Grrr!

    Glad you were able to get that 'grass' donw, just in time fur your snow!

  7. We haven't gotten any of that white stuff yet. Stay warm.

    Aroo to you,

  8. Oh, gud gwief. Dose darn werkers! I bet dem r all gonna ged stockings filled wif coal fwum Santa!!

    Mei-Wing r jus' tu cute. I r gwad hur wuffs da snowz. Hur r a pup aftur my own LWD hart <3

    Puff, tell yur Momma dat dere r no need fur hur tu go dwibin' all ober da countwyside, wookin' fur Chwistmus cards. Yu all hab habbed a tuff yeer. Tell yu tu kick back an' wewax an' enjoy da seesun. My Momma will send yur Momma da book hur wited 'bout wewaxin'...BOL :D If yu need a nu suppwy ob Bodka Dwips, jus' wet me kno', Puff-Pup!

  9. 'tell HUR', I meened. Oy bey. I r all fumbs dis day!

  10. Oh dat Mei Ling is just too cute-- look at her havin' funs in da funs in da snow! I likes da snow da furst time it falls, but I gits ovfur it real quick and prefurs stayin' inside where it's warm and dry... they has to DRAG me outside.

    We sent y'all a lil package cuz it's Mei Ling's furst Chrissymus... don't evfun think 'bout reciprocatin'... it is our way of spreadin' sum Chrissymus cheer...

    We luv yu guyses...

    p.s. Duz ya need me and Whit to come find dose werkers and gives 'em a butt bite?