Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jade's first snow 11/12/15

Hi pals, Mei-Ling and Jade here,

 Hey Mei-Ling, what's this stuff all over our fake grass?

Can I eat it?
 Mei-Ling. its falling from the sky...

 Don't be scared Jade, it's snow...

Mei-Ling, I'm cold... 

Me and my big mouth, but you got to admit, I rock in this coat.
I need to tell you a little something about my fursister Jade, she thinks she owns everything in the house.  She has very sharp teeth and likes to bit my legs and she even bit momma on the lip and made it bleed.  It's not that she is mean, as she is just a baby, but that biting stuff has to stop.   

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hi there 10/08/15

Hi everyone, Mei-Ling here.
I officially have a little fursister.   Her name is Arizona Empress Yi-Tan Jade.  She has been here almost two weeks now.  Do you want to see some pictures of her?
Here she is out in our courtyard - 10 weeks old.
She looks kind of grumpy, but she is really very happy. 

She loves to garden.
I was telling her that she better get out of momma's garden, but she wouldn't listen.  Don't you think she looks like a little rodent here?
She better get that stuff out of her mouth or momma will figure out she has been in her garden.
 I've been real good and sharing the stuffies with her.  In fact, I had this stuffie and she took it away from me.  She even takes all of my cookies, can you believe that? 

Look how tired she looks.  We had been playing all morning long and she is worn out - THANK GOODNESS!

 My fursister is tired.  She needs a nice nap.
 Okay, maybe we both need a nap.
 Having a little fursister is kind of fun, but I really wish she wouldn't take all of my cookies and stuffies. 

 On another note, we continue to have Internet problems.  Daddy doesn't know why we are always out of internet time, but when that happens, all we can do is wait for our allotment to be renewed.  Until that happens, we can't post anything, that is why we haven't been blogging much.  Pretty pitiful if you ask me... 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

OMG - Tell me it isn't true

Hi pals,  Coco Rose here,

Sometimes things happen and there aren't any explanations for.  My good friend Ebby came to the Rainbow Bridge to be with her sisters Winkles and Ceeley.  I have always had a rival with Ebby because she liked to take MY cookies whenever she was at one of the wonderful parties that Puffy and I used to throw. 

"Hey Ebby!  Get away from MY cookies!!!  Oh, sorry, as I was saying Ebby is now an Angel and she is once again trying to take MY cookies". 

Ms. Lulu, my momma is crying for your losses.  You have had your share of heartaches;  First Wrinkles a few years ago and Pawpa, then right before Puffy came to join me, sweet Ceeley showed up at the heavenly gates.  Now Ebby.  Please find comfort in knowing that you have given all of your furchildren a wonderful home with much adventures, cookies and most of all love.  Their Pawpa was waiting for them as they crossed into the most wonderful kingdom.  Of course I came with a welcoming basket of cookies and Ebby wanted to know why my secret pockets were bugling out and the basket was almost empty - Sheesh, she was implying that I took some of her cookies, can you believe it"?

Ms. Lulu, please accept my sincere condolences, but I feel that Ceeley and Ebby were so close, that they didn't want to be without one another.  I know it hurts having lost many that you love so close together, but please find comfort in knowing that your furbabies are once again together along with their beloved Pawpa. 

Look at Ebby's beautiful smile.  It's hard to believe she is gone.

 Ceeley always took time to stop and smell the flowers. 

BIG sister Wrinkles was at the pearly gate with Pawpa waiting for Ceeley and Ebby. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My job here is done

Hi pals, Puff Darby here.

As many of my pals know, I was real sad when my fursister Coco Rose, left and went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Even though Coco was a bossy pup, and sometimes yapped in my face, I adored her and followed her around when we were outside, going on another adventure together.  To help me get out of my depression, the humans brought home a tiny Shih Tzu puppy mamed Mei-Ling.  After the first week of trying to avoid her, I could see that she needed me, as much as I needed Coco.

I made it my mission to show her what she could, and couldn't do around the house.  This new little fursister heard momma telling me that it would be nice if I would share my small stash of stuffies with her, so I did.  Mei-Ling has been here for over over year, and I feel my job as her personal teacher, has come to an end.

Tomorrow, I am going on an adventure that Mei-Ling will not be invited to go on.  I have tried my hardest to ignore Coco calling me, but, I can not ignore it any longer.  I will be departing this world at approximately 8:30AM.  I have packed some of my favorite stuffies to take with me, verified I have my one way ticket, and am ready to go.  Momma understands and although she will be very sad without me, it will be nice to be healthy and able to run and walk again.

The humans have been looking for months to find Mei-Ling a younger companion, as my body had worn down to the point where I could barely walk, yet alone play with Mei-Ling.   It just so happened that the breeder the humans got Mei-Ling from, currently has a chocolate Shih Tzu puppy, so momma and daddy are hoping they will be able to adopt her.  If they are successful, Yi-Tan, will join Mei-Ling around September 30th (notice momma is continuing  on with the Chinese names).  I forgot to mention that Yi-Tan is Mei-Ling's half sister.  Same daddy, but a different mother.

Anyhoodle, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for being my friend.  Now that Coco and I will be up in heaven together, we are going to find out what the rules are regarding PARTYING.  Yup, we are hoping to throw the biggest, and best party in the clouds.

Puff Darby

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tasty 06/13/15

Hi pals - Mei-Ling here...

I got my very own BUSY bone, and boy was it TASTY!


I'm going to eat all of it...
The only problem with Busy Bones is that I tend to get the crumbs stuck in my beautiful hair and you know what that means - Yes, I had to have a bath afterwards, but it was worth it!
And for those of you who are wondering, I didn't actually get to eat the whole thing because Puffy stole it from me and then preceded to gobble it down. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Birthday pressie? 06/12/15

Hi pals, Puffy here...

As many of you know, two days ago was my fursister Mei-Ling's first birthday.  She is a whole one year and two days old now.  Of course I've had to listen to her telling me how very special she is.  Anyhow, last night when we went outside to do our business before going to bed, momma just happened to come outside with us and she thought she saw something moving in our Crab Apple tree ring/planter.  Now remember, we live in rural Ramah, New Mexico, and we have bobcats, mountain lions, bears, deer, elk, badgers, lots and lots of prairie dogs, coyotes, and snakes.  In fact, our neighbor just found a Mojave rattler in her yard.  These are very poisonous, and not something you want to play with, or so momma says. 

Anyhow, momma has been being extra careful when she lets us into the courtyard and when she saw something moving, she walked over to the tree ring and there was one baby bunny.  Yup, some momma bunny brought her baby over to visit with us (baby bunny was believed to be too young to have jumped into the tree ring on it's own).  It was only about 3 inches long and had a full coat of fun on it. 

Mei-Ling was running around saying that it was her birthday pressie!  How come everything belongs to Mei-Ling all of a sudden?  Shesh, at least Coco and I had an agreement that I could have all the stuffies and she would get the cookies, but Mei-Ling has decided that she will not honor this agreement and will be claiming both stuffies and cookies as her own. 

After momma seen the baby bunny, she made us go back into the house, then she got a slice of bread, crumbled it up and went back outside and put the food into the tree ring for the baby bunny.

This morning momma checked to see if the baby bunny was still in the tree ring and was surprised to find TWO baby bunnies in there!  That's right both Mei-Ling and I have our own baby bunny!

"What momma?"

"Puffy, I want you and Mei-Ling to leave those babies alone."

"But momma, aren't they for us?"

"Sorry Puffy, but they are wild animals and for some reason, momma bunny seemed to think the courtyard would be a nice place for her to hide her babies in."

"So, that means, the baby bunnies aren't for Mei-Ling or me?"

"That's right Puffy, now get back in the house and forget about those baby bunnies." 

 Here is the tree ring and our Crab Apple tree.  This picture was taken before the humans put in the fake grass in the courtyard or had the concrete sidewalk done.

Here is another photo of the tree ring and courtyard.  We love our fake grass!
Here is one of the baby bunnies.  This one was actually standing on top of another baby bunny that you can't see in this photo.

Update:  There are now THREE baby bunnies in the tree ring - can you see them?


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Birthday to ME 061015

Hi pals, it's me, Mei-Ling...

Today, is my one year birthday.  Where did all the time go? 

I have on my new purple tutu.  Momma and daddy were trying to get me to dance, but I didn't feel like it - BOL

Puffy and I are out in the courtyard waiting for my birthday cookies and pressies - Hurry up, we can't wait.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Hi pals,  Mei-Ling here...oh yeah, and Puffy too...

 What's the problem?  My hair a little messy?  I just woke up...

 After having my hair combed and my pony put back in, I once again look BEAUTIFUL!!! 

Sure seems like a lot of work if you ask me...

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sharing - Part 2

Hi pals, Mei-Ling here...

Today I am going to talk about sharing, again.  Puffy and I have several beds that we can sleep in.  The round, red beds that I showed you in the first Sharing post that momma has on top of her bed.   And then, there are the two beds that are kept on the floor so when momma doesn't want to share her bed with us (seems like momma could use some lessons on sharing also), anyhow,  can sleep in the ones on the floor.

I invited myself to share Puffy's bed with him - he didn't mind at all - BOL

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sharing 05/30/15

Hello pals, Mei-Ling Star here,

I wanted to show you how good I am at sharing...

This is Puffy's bed that sits on top of Momma's bed.  I'm teaching Puffy the importance of sharing.

Here are some stuffies that Puffy had before I moved in.  Again, I'm teaching Puffy the importance of sharing. 
Here Puffy is playing with his favorite stuffie, Mr. Froggy.  As you can see, Puffy hasn't quite gotten the hang of sharing as he doesn't want to let me have the stuffie.
 "No, No Puffy, you are supposed to let me play with your stuffies."  As you can see, this was an older picture because I was just a tiny pup, but the lessons had to start early so I could establish that sharing is good.

"Lesson, smession - Mr. Froggy is MINE.  No little pip squeak is going to take my froggy away."
And here is a really important sharing lesson.  Make sure you share the blame when the humans think you did something wrong.  "Ripped paper?  What ripped paper?"

"It wasn't me - Puffy must have done it."
It's a good thing I'm such a nice guy as I let Mei-Ling THINK she is getting away with all kinds of stuff, but we all know who the real trouble maker is in my house, and it isn't me.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

We have a green house 05/28/25

Hi pals, Puff Darby here...

Daddy spent a lot of time putting together a green house for growing veggies:

I don't know why they call it a green house - it isn't green...Just saying...

Monday, May 25, 2015


Hi pals, Puff Darby here...and that annoying, bossy and barking Mei-Ling.

To Finley and Whitley, I am loading our car with a bunch of inner tubes and headed your way.  We aren't flooded down here so why not pack a bag and come to New Mexico for a spell?  I must tell you that it is raining here, but nothing like what Texas and Oklahoma have been getting.  We have lots of  good food for you to eat, in fact, we can go round up a couple of cattle and have fresh meat.  If you don't like beef but prefer fresh chickens, several of the residents in our community have chickens.  I don't know where they are, but with our noses I'm sure we can find them.  I'll get out the BBQ and we can have a good ole time.  Don't forget to include some stuffies in your bag.

You can play in our courtyard where you will be safe from wild animals...

My bossy fursister Mei-Ling wouldn't leave me alone until I posted a picture - "what Mei-Ling"?  Sorry, a Pretty picture of her.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

What has been going on 05/23/15

Hi pals, Mei-Ling here...

Surely I don't need to tell everyone that the lack of blog entrees is momma's fault.  Puffy and I have had a talk with her and told her not only are our pals wondering what has happened to us (Hi Zoe), but we have been curious about what wonderful things and not so wonderful things (sending sincere condolences to Goose's family during this heartbreaking time).  So here is what we have been up to:

The weather here in New Mexico has been full of surprises.  We had some really nice sunny day, that made momma get outside and start her garden.  Big mistake as mother nature threw in a couple of snow storms our way and all of the tomatoes died.

Here is our court yard that has snow all over it.  It snowed so hard that our pretty Crab Apple tree got weighed down and bent all the way over so it touched the top of the tree ring - momma had to go outside and shake the snow off the limbs so it could stand up again.

 This is how momma tried to protect some of the plants she had planted the day before (It had been a really nice, sunny week). 

 The onions didn't mind the snow, in fact, they thrived with the extra water.

Here is my furbrother Puffy out in the snow.
Of course, I couldn't forget to post one of my pretty pictures while I was in the snow.
 This picture was taken the day before it snowed.  We love our grass even though it is fake. The humans put it down right before it snowed so mud wouldn't be tracked into the house.  They plan on installing it correctly this summer so it lays flat - BOL.

Yup, the fake grass needs to be fixed.

We now have a really nice swing that Puffy and I like to sit on.  It took momma days to try to assemble it, finally daddy had to come and put it together.
On the cold, snowy days, my furbrother Puffy likes to stay cuddled up in bed.
Here I am modeling my new tutu dress.  Aren't I cute?
Puffy doesn't like to play to much anymore because he is old and as momma puts it "falling apart", so guess what?  They are looking for another Shih Tzu puppy so I can have my very own little pal to chase and play with. 
Hugs and kisses,
Mei-Ling Star