Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My job here is done

Hi pals, Puff Darby here.

As many of my pals know, I was real sad when my fursister Coco Rose, left and went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Even though Coco was a bossy pup, and sometimes yapped in my face, I adored her and followed her around when we were outside, going on another adventure together.  To help me get out of my depression, the humans brought home a tiny Shih Tzu puppy mamed Mei-Ling.  After the first week of trying to avoid her, I could see that she needed me, as much as I needed Coco.

I made it my mission to show her what she could, and couldn't do around the house.  This new little fursister heard momma telling me that it would be nice if I would share my small stash of stuffies with her, so I did.  Mei-Ling has been here for over over year, and I feel my job as her personal teacher, has come to an end.

Tomorrow, I am going on an adventure that Mei-Ling will not be invited to go on.  I have tried my hardest to ignore Coco calling me, but, I can not ignore it any longer.  I will be departing this world at approximately 8:30AM.  I have packed some of my favorite stuffies to take with me, verified I have my one way ticket, and am ready to go.  Momma understands and although she will be very sad without me, it will be nice to be healthy and able to run and walk again.

The humans have been looking for months to find Mei-Ling a younger companion, as my body had worn down to the point where I could barely walk, yet alone play with Mei-Ling.   It just so happened that the breeder the humans got Mei-Ling from, currently has a chocolate Shih Tzu puppy, so momma and daddy are hoping they will be able to adopt her.  If they are successful, Yi-Tan, will join Mei-Ling around September 30th (notice momma is continuing  on with the Chinese names).  I forgot to mention that Yi-Tan is Mei-Ling's half sister.  Same daddy, but a different mother.

Anyhoodle, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for being my friend.  Now that Coco and I will be up in heaven together, we are going to find out what the rules are regarding PARTYING.  Yup, we are hoping to throw the biggest, and best party in the clouds.

Puff Darby


  1. I am so sorry to hear this news. Now you can join Milo and Jenny too. Coco plays with them every day. It will be so nice to have you there too and we can all run, play and EAT treats all day long. We love you Puffy.

  2. Oh Puffy we are so sad to be losing you. What a great life you have had! You got to be a pesky little brother and a big brother too! I wish our bodies could hold out to the last buddy.
    Hugs to your family and God speed to you.

  3. Oh my Mr. Puff Darby! Yu have fought the good fight buddy! Yur life started out ruff but yu shur found yurself in the bestest home there with Coco Rose. We have All missed her an we will All miss yu. But we unnerstand yu gotta go.
    Watch over yur Momma an Daddy an Mei Ling. It's gonna be a sad time for them without yu.
    But hey, chocolate sounds good! Paws crossed that Yi-Tan will fit rite in an help everybuddy smile.
    Hugs comin frum My place to yur rancho.
    Hey, I'm gonna be movin soon, like in a couple months, to my farm in Colorado!

  4. Oh Puffy, I are so sad to be readin dis. But when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. We sure luvs ya Puffy an are gonna miss ya tons. I bet you and Coco Rose are gonna have da bestest pawty up in da clouds. Lotsa luv to you, your peeps, and Mei-Ling. Hope dey can get Yi-Tan so dat Mei-Ling will have a buddy to play wif.

  5. I'm so sad, Puffy, but so happy for you, too. happy you'll be with Coco Rose again, and happy that you'll be running free, happy and healthy, at the Bridge. We'll keep you and your Momma and Daddy in our prayers.

  6. I sent a message on Facebook to some of your friends Puff. This is what they said.

    Cindy Green‎ - Wendy Gee
    7 hrs · San Diego, CA ·
    Coco Rose mom, Marilyn, just posted on her blog, that they are going to take Puffy to be put to sleep tomorrow morning. She said he can barely walk anymore. It's so hard when our dogs get older. — feeling sad.
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    Wendy Gee Oh, no Thanks for telling me, Cindy.
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    Dolores Lawson · Friends with Wendy Gee
    So sorry to hear this our prayers go to them
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    Sandra Lang · Friends with Wendy Gee
    Losing a furry family member can be just as hard as a human family member. Hugs are sent from Zaidie's auntie
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    Linda Johnson · Friends with Wendy Gee
    Oh, no! Please, if possible, pass our deepest condolences to Marilyn. So very sorry.
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    Kim Browne · Friends with Wendy Gee and 2 others
    Oh no....please let her know I'm thinking of her too so sad
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    Sarah Moore · Friends with Finley Harris and 1 other
    Thinking of them. Hugs from a fellow dogster.
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    Melane Beesun · Friends with Lulu Gonzalez and 2 others
    The Beesuns send their love and sympathy, too. frown emoticon We love Puffy and Coco Rose. heart emoticon
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    Cindy Green I will send her a message with all of your comments.
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    Melane Beesun · Friends with Wendy Gee and 2 others
    Thanks, Cindy. She will be in our thoughts and prayers. heart emoticon
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    Cindy Green

  7. Oh, dis is such sad news... but we know you will be happy and runnin' and playin' wiff Coco Rose up dere at da Rainbow Bridge evfun if we is all sads down here missin' ya tons...
    It's gud dat yer folkses is gittin' Mei-Ling a half-sis to play wiff.. now she can pass on all da gud teachin's dat yu taught here to lil Yi-Tan...

    Sendin' giant sized hugs to all yer family and special kissies to yu, Puffy...

  8. God's speed Puffy. Thank you for being my friend and a good big brother to Mei-Ling. I will keep your family in my prayers and at 8:30am tomorrow I will say a special prayer for you. Tell Coco hey for me.

    Aroo to you,

  9. This is so sad....first Ceeley and now Puffy....this is just so sad....

  10. Mom (Gail) just read on Wendy Gee's facebk page that you're going to the Rainbow Bridge in the morning. I will be there with Coco Rose and your friends to meet you at the Bridge and wrap you in my angel wings to give you big hugs. My prayers are with you as you travel, as well as your Family. Run free precious.

  11. Ernie George and Izzy are so happy to have Coco Rose & Puff to play with. We are so sorry for your heartache, and send you much love. Meanwhile, Bacon, Beanie, and our new little Cairn girl, Weezy send smooches and love to your new babies. - With love and sympathy, Melanie


  13. I have not been on Dogster since I lost my boy Petey last year. I am so sorry to hear of Puff passing on. Please know I think of you all often.
    Kim Browne ( Angel Petey)

  14. Oh, Puffy....
    You are going to be the bossiest angel stuffie hoarder evfur!

    You will love the furevfur pawrty that goes on eternally in the Heavenly Realms, your new home with the angels.
    Rest sweetly and fly strongly with your handsome wings.

    Sending hugs and sympathy to your earthly furmily.
    ((((( ♥ )))))

  15. Puffy, you fought valiantly now rest peacefully at the Rainbow Bridge. You are much loved by many and will be missed so very much. We are sending much love to your pawrents at this difficult time. My sisfur Abby and Coco Rose will help show you around. Hugs my friend.

  16. Puffy, we did not have the honor of knowing you; but we wanted to say how sorry we are and we send hugs to your family. when you get to heaven please look up dude and sauce; sure they are cats, but they can party with the best of them...♥♥♥♥♥♥

    boomer, tuna, dai$y, and dude & sauce too ~~

  17. Hi Puffy, it's nice to meet you here at the bridge, woof! My mom learned about your journey on Facebook via Finley and Wheezie's moms postings, so she told me to look for you. Boy that's a lot of stuffies you're carrying, BOL! Me and my angel schnauzer siblings Shakespeare and Sydney and our mom send your family and fursis lots of love and hugs. ~angel Lacey and humom Christy

  18. Just checking back to let mom and dad know we've been thinking of y'all all day. We will continue to keep y'all in our prayers.

    Aroo to you,
    Sully and Robin

  19. Just checking in and sending you much love.

  20. We will always love you.

    Angel Charlie, Abbie, Toto, and Star

  21. Aw, Puffy, I was sad to hear you have gone to the Bridge. But I know there's no arguing with Coco Rose when she gets her mind made up! I know you two will put togefur some furrific pawties up there! Don't furget to send your pawrents lots of happy memories and angel kissies!

  22. Crikey Puffy ...... I've only just heard about the journey you have undertaken, mate. What will we all do down here without you. We just kinda always liked to know that you were there. I'll miss you, mate but I bet Coco Rose has a great big smile on her face. The two of you together again. How good is that?? I'll keep an eye on those clouds. Bet they do some fast moving when your parties are in progress. My love and hugs to your family. They are sure goin' to miss you ...

  23. Checkin' in on y'all and sendin' big hugs and westie kissies...

  24. I'm posting a link to a photo of Puffy that Lulu made and put in a post on her FB... thought you might want it. Her caption read...."Another precious pup journeys to the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace Puffy."
    Link to Puffy's photo here... Puffy Photo

  25. Pals, Thank you all for your warm and caring comments. I thought I was prepared for Puffy's passing, but in truth, one is never prepared. I suspect he is running behind Coco right now asking her if she is sure whatever it is that she wants him to do won't get him in trouble - LOL.