Monday, March 31, 2014

The flu of 2014 03/31/14

Hi pals, Coco Rose and Puffy here.

We have been gone for weeks now because momma and daddy caught the nasty flu.  Momma had been really sick, so sick in fact, that daddy wanted to take her to the hospital, but since it is so far away, momma kept on refusing.  Daddy even managed to find a doctor that would take momma in without an appointment but the 160 mile round trip was too much for momma, so instead, we all had to endure momma coughing, coughing, and COUGHING all day and night.  Momma is still coughing but it is beginning to ease up a bit. 

Puffy and I were made to sleep in our doggy beds on the floor so momma could cough and turn all night long without rolling over on one of us.  During the daytime, we were allowed up on the big bed again and we cuddled with momma while she tried to sleep.  All in all, it has been a terrible couple of weeks. 

Both momma and daddy got the flu shot at the end of last year but I think they should ask for a refund because obviously they didn't work.  I heard daddy telling momma that even if you get a flu shot, you can still catch the flu, but the  duration of the flu shouldn't be that long.  All I can say is POCKYCOCK!!!!  Momma just about died! 

Anyhow, things are slowly getting back to normal.  It's going to take us a while to catch up with our pals.

On another note, for those of you who are Dogster homeless pups and kittens, please send your love to Mia Muah   and family as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Our hearts are breaking.  We love you Mia and will see you again someday.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose

Friday, March 14, 2014

OMD - These are YUMMY!!!! 03/14/14

Hi pals, Coco Rose and Puffy here.

Momma found a new treat for us a month ago but tossed out the package after we ate them all and couldn't remember what they were call.  She knew she had bought them at the Gallup Wal Mart since there isn't too many other stores where she could have bought them at locally.

Anyhow, when the humans went to town this week, momma spotted the treats on the shelf.  She couldn't remember what flavor she had bought for us last time so this time she picked up a package of Tyson Nudges in the Steakhouse Beef recipe.  We really aren't too big of beef eaters but let me tell you, both Puffy and I love them. 

I LOVE these!

Too bad Puffy does also because now I will have to share.
Hugs and kisses,
Coco Rose and Puff Darby

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Well La De Da... 03/13/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here.

Last night there was a commotion at our place.  Coco and I both tried to tell the humans that there was something amiss going on in the house but would they listen?  NO!!!  We barked and carried on like little demons but were told to "lay down and be quite."  Yup, no respect I tell you.

Anyhow, momma finally got up and went to daddy and told him something was bothering Coco and me and wanted to know if he heard anything?  Now for those of you who are new pals, I need to tell you that my human momma has a profound hearing loss and can hardly hear with her bionic ears and without them, can't hear at all so she relies on Coco and me, plus daddy, to do all of the hearing.  Daddy said he hadn't heard anything so she came back again ignored us as she read her Nook.

After a bit, Coco and I gave up and went to sleep.  This morning, daddy told momma that Simba Blue, our kitty sibling had caught and killed a mouse!  Apparently a mouse had decided to move in with us and Simba chased it into the laundry room and then killed it.  Both momma and daddy praised him like you wouldn't believe (it was soooo disgusting that I had to leave the room before I got sick). 

Do I need to tell you that Simba strutted around the house like he was something special?  Personally, I'd be embarrassed to be walking around with mouse breath, but that's just me...

Puff Darby - glad I don't have mouse breath!

Hi pals,  Simba Blue here.

It was awesome!  I finally had something to play with that moved quickly and was fun,  Too bad it wasn't sturdy enough to endure play time.  Daddy took it away and tossed it out the laundry room door before I was even finished.  Maybe I'll get a new play mate tonight.

Oh yeah, and to Puffy - HaHaHa, I caught a mouse and you didn't!!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No! I'm not sharing 03/11/14

Hi pals,  Coco Rose here.

It has been brought to my attention that some members of my family think I do not know how to share.  I assure you that I do know how to share:  Let me give you an example:

My furbrother Puffy has a yummy duck strip and he puts it down to go get a drink of water.  I'm perfectly happy to share his treat so I scurry over to it and snatch it up and then take it back to where I have my treat - BOL.

 Yup, these are all mine, Mine, MINE!!!!!

What one do I want?

I know, a nice liver snack.
It's very tasty.

Gosh, can't a girl eat without having a camera shoved in her face?
Hugs and kisses,
Coco Rose

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ice cream Sunday 03/09/14

Hi pals,  Coco Rose and Puffy here.

Seeing as how it is Sunday here in New Mexico and the sun is once again out in full force after the storm that surprised us yesterday, what better way to celebrate than with ice cream:

Don't mind if I do....
 I want some too...

It's my turn again...

Ah, that was yummy...

What, you never got ice cream on your face?
Hugs and kisses,
Coco Rose and Puff Darby

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Surprise storm 030814

Hi pals,

This morning it was nice and sunny so the humans went for a walk around our property and left Puffy and I in the house.  Puffy can't walk great distances because he has the popped knee cap and I have problems breathing because we are 7,500 feet above sea level.  The dirt and gravel roads make travel in our Pupmobile (stroller) uncomfortable so we didn't get to go.

The humans walked around our property and picked up trash but momma hasn't been feeling very well so they didn't actually go too far.  Of course we were happy to see them because momma made lunch and then we went to take our afternoon nap.  Puffy and I got settled on the big bed and all of a sudden the sunny skies disappeared and it started to hail.

 The hail was really coming down...

It was covering the dirt with white hail stones...

It even landed in daddy's muddy outside shoes...

The hail was soon replaced by snow...

Yup, it's snowing...
Now daddy's outside shoes have snow in them...

Puffy and I braved the elements to do our business... 

And then the storm stopped and the sun came back out...

Like magic.

Rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks,,,oh my!

Hi pals,

Do you want to know what the rodents do during winter?  They stay in their homes and make babies.

 There are three rabbits in this picture - can you spot the hidden rabbit?

 Cottontails enjoying the spilled bird seeds.

Cotton tail and brown squirrel sharing the feast.
When momma first started feeding the birds there were only Blue Jays and sparrows coming for the free food.  Slowly but surely, the four legged animals started coming over.  We now have three cottontails, five chipmunks, three gray squirrels, and several brown squirrels that stop by for a bite to eat.  Yesterday we even had two large dogs that were visiting us (they belonged to a neighbor down the road).  We have seen a coyote and two large crows hanging around the outskirts of the bird feeders but as of yet, they have not ventured into the area although the coyote does come close to the side of the house. 
Puffy and I don't get to play with these visitors because they might carry fleas and other things that could make us sick.  Sometimes I sit on the big bed and watch them outside the window but I think it would be more fun if I were allowed to bark and chase them. 
Hugs and kisses,
Coco Rose

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sunrise 03/07/14

Hi pals, Simba Blue here catnapping the dogs BLOGGER page again.

I thought you might like some more photos of our place especially since I'm in one of them;

Here I am sitting in momma's bedroom window as the sun comes up.  Yes, there really was a red/orange skylight.

                                                                    Pretty isn't it?

                         It kind of looks like a fire going on, but luckily it's just the sun coming up.

Of course the pictures would be even prettier if I were in each one, but we can blame that lack of judgment on the human. 

NOTE:  We are still not able to make every photo bigger and haven't received any help from the BLOGGER help desk. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rain, hail, snow and sun - 03/02/14

Hi pals - Coco Rose and Puff Darby here.

We finally got some much needed moisture - It rained, hailed, snowed and then the sun came out again creating MUD.

"Puffy stop grinning like a Cheshire cat - you know if you walk in the mud you are going to have to have your feetsies washed along with any other parts you just happen to get muddy."

"But I like feeling the squish of mud between my toes."

"Sometimes Puffy you are soooooo weird."

Anyhow, her are some pictures of our rain and snow:

I'm pretty certain momma isn't going to be hanging any laundry outside today.
Don't worry - Our turtles aren't real.
It had just started to rain but boy did it poor.
It's snowing.
Kind of pretty isn't it?
Coco doing her business on the door mat - BOL

This is how a I do my business - right in the snow.

Hey, get this white stuff off of me!

I'm heading back to the house - I've had enough of this stuff.
Note:  I tried to make all the photos large but for some reason I could not get the option link to open on all of them.  This feature has been very temperamental and I am wondering if it is something I am doing incorrectly.

Liebster award 03/01/14

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award by  Finley  -  Thanks, Finley!

Rules for the Liebster Award:
1.  Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
2.  Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
3.  Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award.
4.  Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
5.  Let the nominees know they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.
Finley one of our Texas and Dogster pals had the following questions for me:
Here's the questions, and my answers...
1. What is your favorite time of year and why??  Fall - the leaves are changing, there is a nip in the air and THANKSGIVING dinner is in the oven. 
2. Duz ya have a special talent or trick ya duz?  I am a Princess and don't do tricks unless there is a piece of jerky in the human's hand then I have been know to "roll over" in order to get the humans to give me the treat, but let's keep this to ourselves - okay?
3. What is your favorite food and how do you get your folks to give it to you??  What ever the humans are eating is my favorite food and I bark using my "indoor" voice to let them know that I want some.  My bark will get louder and louder if I don't get any.  I've also be know to use my paw to hit the human on the leg to let them know that I am waiting for my share of their food.
4. What is the funniest thang you has evfur done?  I did a flying leap off the vet's table into my very surprised momma's arms once - BOL
5. Duz you believe in da Easter Bunny?  Oh yes, the Easter bunny is real and leaves yummy treats where ever it goes.
6. Who is your Evil Nemesis?  I don't have any because everyone loves me.  My furbrother Puffy would have listed Simba Blue in this spot - BOL
7. Do you sleep with your hooman?  Yup, I sure do.  I claim the middle of the bed for myself.
8. Do you believe in da danger dat is zombies? Zombies - what are zombies?  Can you eat them?
9. Which do you find more annoying-- birds or squirrels??  Neither one of them bother me - I like to watch them but don't bark at them.
10. If you could have one wish come true, what would it be?  A life time supply of cookies.

Okay - here is where I am deviating from the instructions and forfeiting the wonderful Liebster award - Being new here, I really don't have that many pals in which I know if they would like to receive the Liebster award because of the work involved.  Yes, you have to answer some questions which in it's self is not hard, but then you have to come up with 10 other questions and send them to 10 pals hoping that they would like to play along.  I noticed that the Liebster award has been sent to most of my pals so who do I send it too even though the questions might be new and haven't been asked before? At this time, I have chosen NOT to send new questions to my TINY list of pals and instead list my 10 questions here and if anyone would like to answer them they can do so in my comment section without having to do anything further. 
Now for my list of questions:
1.  Did you choose your humans or did they choose you?
2.  Do you have any fursiblings?
3.  Do you have a favorite humans and if so, who?
4.  Do you eat your treats right away or age them to perfection before eating them?
5.  Do you have a charm on your collar?
6.  Have you been microchipped?
7.  Do you like to get groomed?
8.  When you go for a car ride do you stick your head out the window and let the wind blow through  your hair?
9.  What do you like better - a walk at the beach or a run in the forest?
10. If you could have your choice for dinner would you rather have beef, pork, chicken or veggies?
Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose