Thursday, March 13, 2014

Well La De Da... 03/13/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here.

Last night there was a commotion at our place.  Coco and I both tried to tell the humans that there was something amiss going on in the house but would they listen?  NO!!!  We barked and carried on like little demons but were told to "lay down and be quite."  Yup, no respect I tell you.

Anyhow, momma finally got up and went to daddy and told him something was bothering Coco and me and wanted to know if he heard anything?  Now for those of you who are new pals, I need to tell you that my human momma has a profound hearing loss and can hardly hear with her bionic ears and without them, can't hear at all so she relies on Coco and me, plus daddy, to do all of the hearing.  Daddy said he hadn't heard anything so she came back again ignored us as she read her Nook.

After a bit, Coco and I gave up and went to sleep.  This morning, daddy told momma that Simba Blue, our kitty sibling had caught and killed a mouse!  Apparently a mouse had decided to move in with us and Simba chased it into the laundry room and then killed it.  Both momma and daddy praised him like you wouldn't believe (it was soooo disgusting that I had to leave the room before I got sick). 

Do I need to tell you that Simba strutted around the house like he was something special?  Personally, I'd be embarrassed to be walking around with mouse breath, but that's just me...

Puff Darby - glad I don't have mouse breath!

Hi pals,  Simba Blue here.

It was awesome!  I finally had something to play with that moved quickly and was fun,  Too bad it wasn't sturdy enough to endure play time.  Daddy took it away and tossed it out the laundry room door before I was even finished.  Maybe I'll get a new play mate tonight.

Oh yeah, and to Puffy - HaHaHa, I caught a mouse and you didn't!!!!!


  1. We had a mouse in our den once, and two kitties and me tried to get at it all at once!

    Later growlmy found it the kitty toy pile.discarded, like a rejected plaything...
    I think no kitty killed it with skills other than to give it a heat attack...just saying!
    And growlmy did the same thing,she gave it a mouse funeral...

  2. Way to go Simba! I killed a mouse once, but it were outside.

  3. Now Puff, don't be all mad. If, I mean when, SB catches anuther mousie yu can play with it too. Maybe efun try a bite and get yur own mousie breath!

    An' our PuffCat is givin all kindsa high fives an' stuff fur SB! Good job dood!

  4. Awesome job, Simba! I am quite the mouser myself. They taste pawsome don't they?

  5. Now c'mon, Puff. Catchin' a mousie r no big deel! Yu'r jus' waitin' fur BIGGER stuffs tu catch, wite?? Ob corse yu wood weabe a *tiny* lil' wee mousie fur a kitty tu catch. Dat r da mostest dem can handle! Chin up, Puff!

  6. WTG,Simba! Puff,Sweetie- huntin' is FUN and part of livin' in the country!I love to hunt mice! Psssstttttt! I think, I better take Gma in for a 2nd. eye exam. She kept reading the same line and her brain said, it was a MOOSE! OMD! I'd hide from one of those....
    Neither Gpa or Gma can hear,either! What would they DO without US?