Monday, March 31, 2014

The flu of 2014 03/31/14

Hi pals, Coco Rose and Puffy here.

We have been gone for weeks now because momma and daddy caught the nasty flu.  Momma had been really sick, so sick in fact, that daddy wanted to take her to the hospital, but since it is so far away, momma kept on refusing.  Daddy even managed to find a doctor that would take momma in without an appointment but the 160 mile round trip was too much for momma, so instead, we all had to endure momma coughing, coughing, and COUGHING all day and night.  Momma is still coughing but it is beginning to ease up a bit. 

Puffy and I were made to sleep in our doggy beds on the floor so momma could cough and turn all night long without rolling over on one of us.  During the daytime, we were allowed up on the big bed again and we cuddled with momma while she tried to sleep.  All in all, it has been a terrible couple of weeks. 

Both momma and daddy got the flu shot at the end of last year but I think they should ask for a refund because obviously they didn't work.  I heard daddy telling momma that even if you get a flu shot, you can still catch the flu, but the  duration of the flu shouldn't be that long.  All I can say is POCKYCOCK!!!!  Momma just about died! 

Anyhow, things are slowly getting back to normal.  It's going to take us a while to catch up with our pals.

On another note, for those of you who are Dogster homeless pups and kittens, please send your love to Mia Muah   and family as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Our hearts are breaking.  We love you Mia and will see you again someday.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


  1. Hope your momma are feelin better soon!

  2. Sorry your folks got da flu and it was so bad... Sendin' hugs for your Momma to feel better soon!

  3. My Mum and I have been VERY worried about your Momma and Daddy. They have had a VERY bad time ... Get real better, real soon, aye? We will head on over to dogster now! Take care you two

  4. Good to hear yu barkin.
    Sure hope evfurrybody is feelin Much better now.

  5. We were worried about the peeps and mom still thinks your mom should see the doctor. She had a nasty case of the flu years ago, thought she had gotten rid of it, and then she got bronchitis not once but twice. Please take care and I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Hugs.

  6. Thanks everyone - momma is going to make a doctors appointment because she is still coughing. Can't seem to get rid of it totally and feels medical intervention is necessary. She will have to travel 160 miles round trip to the doctor but at least she is well enough to endure the trip.

  7. Coco, tell your momma and daddy that flu shots are only effective for about 5 months. We are glad she is feeling better.

    Our angle Jenny is taking care of Mia but momma is very sad too. She still crying about Mia.

  8. I sure hope all that nasty coughing goes away. Sometimes the only way to kick it out is with prescription medicine.

    Flu is a miserable thing.
    Growlmy doesn't get flu shots anymore...they make her EBVirus activate, and that is a horrid thing to have to endure....flu seems to not come to her just good old fashioned yucky colds and bronchitis...

    Take care , stay safe, stay warm and Get Well!

  9. Glad to hear the pawrents are slowly healing... The bugs have been nasty this year.
    Whatever my folks have had..a month later,still don't feel terrific. Now we have a defective external HD on new confuser. Have to make a trip back to the store for exchange. tons of headaches,making Gma crazy. Puff and Coco a mouse is in here too.........Gpa set traps......I've been tryin' to sniff it out for 2 days.......kisses,mazy