Friday, April 4, 2014

Crazy weather 04/04/14

Hi pals - Coco Rose here.

We woke up yesterday morning to find it snowing outside.  Yup, ole Mother Nature decided to send some much needed moisture our way.  It wasn't much, but when the vegetation is as dry as ours is, we will take anything she has to offer.  In between the snow, she sent us some hail also.  Too bad nothing stuck and today you can't even see any on the ground. 

Yup, snow....

The snow didn't stop the freeloaders from dropping by...

Snow is already melting...

Would anyone like to sit down?
Puff and I took advantage of the snow and decided it would be best to stay under covers in the nice big and warm bed - BOL.  We did get up long enough to go for a short truck ride down to the cluster mailboxes and for some reason, Puffy whined most of the way.  He wanted to go for the ride and then he complained.  Momma said he was whining because he wanted to drive the truck.  Daddy said he didn't care why Puffy was whining and he would be sure NOT to take him again if this is the way he was going to act.  Me, I sat nice and didn't say one word.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


  1. Snow??? OMD, we didn't have dat, but we had hail and tornados nearby (not here though - all we got was a tiny amount of rain).

    By da way, congrats! I has given you da Sunshine Award! Go to my blog to see it!

  2. Maybe Puffy just wanted some cheese with dat whine!! BOL!

  3. Coco an' Puff! We gedded snowz, tu, bud it wuz jus' a dustin'. All our big snowz r jus' 'bout melted, 'cept our fwont yard faces norf an' geds no sunz. We r gonna hab snowz 'til July, I fink! Hope yur Momma r feewin' bedder, pupses <3

  4. Crikey ... I wouldn't want to sit on THAT chair! I whinge in the car too Puffy. I don't bark much but when I'm in the car I BARK! You're such a good Coco rose sitting so quiet and not barking at all.