Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My new coat 04/30/14

Hi pals, Coco Rose here...

During the winter months, my humans allow my hair to grow long but because I don't like to be groomed it also gets matted.  Momma couldn't stand it any longer and took the clippers to it so now I am almost bald.  The day momma shaved my beautiful hair off, it was nice and sunny so she thought the worst of the coldness was over.  Little did she know it is still cold in the early morning hours and we did have that surprise snow fall also.  Need I tell everyone that not having any hair made me COLD?

Momma felt bad so she decided to make me a coat that I could sleep in and keep warm...

Here is the material momma chose for my coat.
The colorful flower material is cotton then there is a layer of batting and the orange fabric is flannel - got to have nice soft material against my skin...
Momma quilted all of the layers together on the sewing machine...
She used a decorative scallop stitch to do the quilting...
Then she cut out the pattern...
Momma used bias tape to sew around the edges so it would look pretty...
Instead of using Velcro at the neck opening, momma sewed the two parts together since I don't like the sound of Velcro opening.  I just have to slip my head through the opening...
Momma did use Velcro at the opening around my tummy area...
Here I am modeling my new coat.  It's a little big around the tummy and could have been a little shorter but it will keep my nice and warm...
Hugs and kisses,
Coco Rose


  1. Now that's a fancy little coat and you look so cute in it. Sorry about you mom going loco and shaving you bald.

    Aroo to you,

    1. The closest professional groomer to us is over 100 miles away, round trip. Momma bought new clippers this year and they work really good, but momma doesn't really know what she is doing and always manages to clip Puffy and my hair right down to the skin - hopefully she will get better as she practices - Maybe she can use Simba Blue to learn how to use the clippers - HeHeHe

  2. You have a talented Momma!
    At least in the sewing department.
    Not sure about the grooming one though...BOL!

    1. Momma isn't that good of a sewer either...she can make quilts and sew easy stuff but can't sew human clothes at all. I keep on hoping she will get better with the doggy clippers but so far she hasn't.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Whitley! Momma bough two different DAY OF THE DEAD fabrisc to use for my next two outfits.

  4. Replies
    1. Orange really isn't my color but it will help keep me warm until the cold mornings are over. It's sunny outside right now but still kind of "nippy" out and it's after 10AM. We sure aren't in California anymore.

  5. Wow! That looks great on yu!
    Hey, yur Momma could hire out an make sum money makin an sellin doggie coats!
    Did Puff go unner the clippers too? Does he get a lil new coat?

    I luv how yur Momma hi-jacked yur doggie bloggie with her sewin stuff. Bol!

    1. Hi Zoe! Momma thought about making doggy clothes and other such items but things where we live are totally different from California. Most of the population in our neighborhood is made up of Zuni, Hopi and Navaho natives and they do not pamper their dogs like we did/do in California. Most dogs are not allowed in the house and are kept outside to fend for themselves in all weather conditions. In fact, if you drive through the reservations one can see made shift dog houses and they are set away from the main house.

      Puffy got his hair cut off about two weeks before I did but he likes to be under the covers and knows how to get warm. He didn't get a coat this time, maybe next time. Momma bought some DAY OF THE DEAD material and is going to make me a pretty dress next after she makes new seat covers and a canopy for the human swing. She said she will post photos when she gets it done. By the way, momma finally got daddy's Birthday quilt all sewn now all she has to do is clip all the seams (it's a rag quilt) and then take it down to Gallup and use one of the industrial washing machines to wash it in and it will be DONE - pictures will be posted when that happens - BOL

  6. Coco Rose, you have a very talented momma! Your mom could got into business selling coats like that! We are very impressed and you look stunning in your new coat!

    1. Aw Buddy, you're such a sweetie! Momma is going to make me a dress after she gets some of the other projects on her list done.

  7. Hello my sweet girl. I think the coat looks lovely on you and your momma did a good job.

    I know I am a bad boyfriend. I haven't been on the computer much. Momma is working full time now. She is very busy.


    Hobo XXXOOO

  8. Hi Coco Rose...... we THINK we are now Following you.
    Your COAT looks a LOT like our Harnesses... we don't mind the Velcro so ours have it BOTH places... Our harnesses are not really WARM... they are fur puttin our Walkin String on... AND fur being Seat Belted Safely when we go in Jennifer Jeep. OURS has a "D" Ring in the center back.
    YOURS is Lovely.