Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Getting ready for fire season 04/23/14

Hi pals, Coco Rose and Puffy here,

We had a busy day today because daddy hires some people to come over to our place and trim some of the many trees around our place.  The community we live in suggests land owners trim back the vegetation so if a fire should come through there would be less dried fuel around.  We have so many trees that it would take weeks to trim them all so daddy told the workers to start with the vegetation that is right around the house and we will work outwards towards the rest. 

Of course Puffy and I had to bark and bark at the workers.  I got to go outside and bark right at them, but Puffy wasn't allowed because he gets super excited and tries to bite so he had to stay in the house with momma - BOL. 

The area that they cleared looks real good but they took all the dead branches and stacked them instead of using the chipper to break them down. 

Momma said she would try to get pictures tomorrow...

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose and Puff Darby


  1. You sure do not want any fire trying to destroy your beautiful den.
    Growlmy made a bonfire today out of *my* woodpile...shucks. Nowhere to hunt out my varmints anymore...t least not until she feeds it with new branches...

  2. Maybe they thought ya might want da wood fur a fire in a fireplace?? Momma always gets rid of any branches she cuts down... no woodpiles around here...

  3. I gave both ya pups da You Hoo, You Hoo Award! Find out da details on my blog!

  4. That clearin up is a Real good idea,
    Be safe!

  5. Glad you are a good supervisor, Coco Rose!

  6. Good to get that done, aye? Can't wait for the after pictures!! Shame Puffy didn't get to chomp on anyone!!

  7. When your done...Puffy sweetie,we could have a big bonfire.... Fly all the pals in for a big BBQ! kisses,mazy