Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oh what a mess 04/12/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here...

As most of your know we live in a rural area which means the humans only go do major grocery shopping once a month since the store is over 50 miles away (one way).  Since our pantry was getting quite bare and Coco and I were out of dog treats, the humans went to town and re-stocked our shelves. 

We were quite lucky that there were two lone NUDGES dog treats on the grocery shelf so momma nabbed them both for us.  This time they were the hickory smoked bacon flavor and let me tell you, we loved them!!!  Too bad it was only the small 3 once packages because that isn't going to last us very long at all.  Momma checked on the internet to see if Petco or Pet Smart had them and as of yet, neither of them carry these yummy treats.  She did find them on Amazon but the vendors selling them are exploiting their customers by over charging big time.   One vendor at Amazon was charging $`14,95 for a three oz. package of Nudges but they would give you free shipping if you spent more than $35 dollars worth of product!!!!  At Wal Mart, a 3 oz package of Nudges cost less than 3 dollars so that is quite a profit the vendor at Amazon is hoping to make.  There were other enterprising vendors at Amazon who were charging between $45 and 50 dollars for two 10 oz. or 18 oz. product which only cost about $13 dollars at Walmart (for one package).  Needless to say, the humans didn't order any NUDGES off the internet and instead have told us they will make a trip to the Wal Mart in Grants this coming week to pick up some supplies and will make sure they check the pet food section to see if they can find any packages of our new favorite treats there.

Anyhoodle, I got a little distracted from telling you what happened when the humans got home from their shopping trip.  Coco and I were made to stay in the big bedroom while they were gone and we were very good.  There were no "surprises" left on the floor, or any place else for that matter, which made momma real happy.  Once a month shopping takes hours and fills up the grocery cart to over flowing.  Momma gets very tired and really doesn't like struggling with the cart.  Daddy usually takes off to go to Home Depot so he can avoid being sent all over the grocery store to pick up items that momma wants.  One of the items momma did picked up was a small bottle of nail polish in a lovely copper color.  When daddy came back to Wal Mart, momma was in line paying for the groceries and just wanted to go sit down someplace.  After the groceries were put in the truck, daddy drove home which takes over one hours and then it was time to take all of the groceries out of the truck and into the house.

Momma helped daddy bring in the groceries and then started putting them away.  Coco and I were allowed outside in the front to do our business and check out what was in all of the bags that daddy was putting on the floor.  As momma was putting things away, she lifted out the nail polish and somehow managed to drop it on the kitchen floor tile.  OMD!!!!  The bottle broke and nail polish went flying everywhere.  All over momma, the kitchen tiles, on the white kitchen cabinets, the countertops and oven.  Daddy came in carrying some more packages and momma asked him to take Coco and me and put us back into the big bedroom before we walked in the nail polish.  Momma went to the laundry room and grabbed the mop and tried to soak up the mess but all it did was smear it around and ruin the mop head.  Now remember momma was already very tired from all of the shopping and all she wanted to do was lay down for a bit but now she had to clean up the terrible mess that was in the kitchen.  Daddy went into the garage/workshop and came back with a huge can of acetone which cleaned up the floors nicely.  It also cleaned everything else up without causing any damage. 

After everything was cleaned up, momma came and took a nap with us and I think she deserved it too!  Now please pass me a NUDGES and lets forget all about the "nail polish incident" okay?

Puff Darby


  1. Yikes, That would be a mess...and they always happen when you least need them.

    Hope your Momma and you all had a good nap to recuperate!

    And enjoy those treats, they are yummy!

  2. Yikes, nail polish all over everything are not fun!

    Enjoy your treats, they sound yummy!

  3. Thank goodness yur Daddy saved the day with that "nail polish remover"!
    Hey, yu could order the Nudges online at Walmart an have them sent to yur store in Gallup or Grants to pick up when yu can. Jus an idea.

  4. OMD! Whut a mess!

    Zoe - always da boice ob weason when da werld r cwumbwin' 'wound us!

  5. Crikey ... poor Momma and she's been so sick and all. Hope you and Coco Rose gave her lots of love and cuddles when she came for that very much deserved nap!!