Sunday, April 27, 2014

Locked up again 04/25/14

Hi pals, Coco Rose and Puff Darby here...

The daddy wanted to go to Albuquerque so momma took us pups outside to do our business and then brought us back into the house and put the baby gate across the doorway so we had to stay in the big bedroom while they were gone.  Of course momma put down three wee-wee pads just in case one or both of us had to do our business while they were gone.

It takes a little more than two hours to travel one way to Albuquerque and then because daddy was looking for some furniture for the home theater it took them forever to drive around, have lunch, and do their shopping.  They left around 8AM and didn't get back home until after 6PM.  Momma has actually stopped buying the doggy wee-wee pads and instead is now buying human wee-wee pads that are supposed to be used for protecting beds of humans that piddle because she says they are stronger and don't leak like the doggy wee-wee pads, plus they are bigger.  We used one of the wee-wee pads while they were gone so clean up was a breeze when the humans came home, which made momma very happy.

One of the things momma wanted to get while in the "BIG CITY" was a new pooper scooper so while momma went into the QUILT WORKS store, daddy went across the street to a pet supply place and bought a really big one.  Momma tried to tell us that was a present for us but heck, what dog in it's right mind would consider a pooper scooper a "present"?  They could have brought us some new treats or stuffies which we really would have enjoyed, but instead, we got a new pooper scooper.  Something stinks here and it isn't our poop.


  1. Whoopee, a new pooper scooper. That's lame. Reward yur Momma by doin extra large an lots of downloads fur her to "break in" the new junk.

  2. I agrees... a pooper scooper? Where's da new toys???

  3. OMD! Maybe some loosely laid piles will make that tool a bit useless, BOL!
    Or...put the doo-doos under shrubs or other hard to reach they have to reach in and use a shovel or their bag covered hands, BOL!

    They could have at least filled the scoop part of that tool with some treats until it got home!

  4. Crikey ..... you blokes were robbed. A POOPER SCOOPER. What the heck???? AND you were soooooooooo good and peed on the wee-wee pads. Shame Momma and Daddy .... Shame!!

  5. Whut a wip-off! Whut kinda pawents buy a pooper-scooper 'stead ob sum WAY kewl nu toys fur dere own fwesh an' bwood??? BOL :D

  6. No treats? No stuffies? Dat a a TRABESTY!