Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nasty brown squirrel 04/06/14

Hi pals, Coco Rose here.

Nothing much going on down our way.  It was over cast today but no rain came.  This afternoon the sun came out so Puffy and I watched the freeloaders come and eat the seeds that momma put out for them.  We now have four cotton tails, five chipmunks, three gray squirrels and about five brown squirrels that show up regularly for a free meal.  One of the brown squirrels brought a baby squirrel with it and everything was just fine until a different brown squirrel showed up and decided to attack the poor little baby squirrel.  The baby ran off and momma or daddy squirrel took off after the brown squirrel that started the fight.  A few minutes later the baby squirrel was back snacking on apple pieces like nothing even happened.

We went for a short truck ride down to the cluster mailboxes and a Jackrabbit crossed in front of the truck and appeared to be having problems walking.  These are wild animals so the humans didn't stop to see if the Jackrabbit needed help.  The rodent family population here is known to carry fleas and ticks that harbor illness that even humans can catch so it is best to watch them from a distance and not handle them in any manner.

Other than this, it was a very boring day.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


  1. I could "take care" of dat problem skwerril for ya.

  2. Dum skirrels. They're even evil to each uther.

  3. I will bark at em to scare them away...and then I'll chase them ne'er come back!

    Boring day?? Um, any day with critters is *not* boring!

  4. Crikey .... I'm with Mr JF Sir ..... that's no boring day you been having there. Sounds like a whole heap of fun to me. I love critters. It's nice that your Momma puts food out for all those freeloaders. Sucks 'em in good and close for the two of you to bark at them, aye??