Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mei-Ling might be a food hog 07/24/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here...

We go the following photo of 5 week old Mei-Ling and the breeder tells us that my new fursister loves the food bowl so much that she sleeps in it.

The black blur in the bottom left corner is Mei-Ling's natural momma Lucy.  Notice Mei-Ling has food all over her pretty little face - BOL, BOL.  I bet she is going to hog the food just like Coco was.

Mei-Ling didn't want her picture taken but one thing for sure, momma is going to be dressing her up and taking lots of pictures so she better get used to it.

Three more weeks until we make the trip to Arizona to pick Mei-Ling up.  It's going to be nice to have a puppy around so I can say SHE piddled on the rug, NOT ME - BOL, BOL.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I can't leave comments on some Blogs 07/19/14

Hi pals, Puffy here,

I have been having issues leaving comments on some of my pals blogs.  I find the comment box and have momma type in what I want to say but when she clicks on the post button, the comments go away as does what she typed.  This has happened on my pal Misty's page and momma wanted to leave a comment about her momma's China pictures, and on Demon Flash Bandit's pages.  We don't know what is going on or how to correct this matter.  We have no problems posting on other Blogs.  Does this happen to others and if so, how is it corrected?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

For my Dogster/Catster pals 07/17/14

Hi pals,  Marilynn here - Coco Rose and Puff Darby's mom...

The following was written right after Dogster/Catster announced that they were closing the Community pages of their site and Coco was still alive and appeared to be quite healthy.  I posted this entry and photo this morning and as predicted, Coco's pages have been removed (I haven't tried Puffy's pages but I suspect his has been removed also).  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it.

Good-Bye Dogster/Catster

Tap...Tap...Tap...”Snort, coughs, snorts...”

Puffy runs up to Coco and yanks the cookie out of her mouth and runs off with it.

Tap...Tap...Tap...”Testing, One, two, three”

A loud squeal occurs and Coco drops the microphone which causes a deafening noise.

Flicker walks over and whispers in Coco's ear “Girlfriend, you need to talk without food in your mouth and please, don't ever drop the microphone again – okay?”

“Okay, sorry.”

Coco picks up the microphone and walks to the edge of the platform.

“Puffy! I'm going to get you after my speech so you better find a real good place to hide and MY cookie better not be in your stomach.”

Coco looks out into the crowd and is surprised to see so many pups and kitties  from all different areas standing around to give their tributes to Dogster/Catster/

“Pals, we are gathered here today to pay our final respects to our friends Dogster/Catster. Coco lowers her head in silent respect. The crowd stops barking and does the same. After a moment, she again starts talking.

“I would like to keep this on a more or less happy note and let everyone who has something to say come up here an bark after I am through. My fondest memories here at Dogster was my FREE Gizmo (and Luke) campaign. It was one of my proudest events as I was able to spread the word and gather pups from all over the site to point out that poor Ms. Gizmo was stuck in the Dog of the Week spot and Luke in the Cat of the Week spots for well over one month. One voice wasn't enough on this campaign and it took many to finally get them free. My campaign started in earnest on September 7th , 2011 with many pups barking the FREE GIZMO (and Luke) slogan to Headquarters. It ended on September 22, 2011, when Dogster released GIZMO put ME in the Dog of the Week spot (Luke was also released)! I wasn't out to get nominated to take over Gizmo spot as fame and fortune are not my thing. A nice box of milk bones would have been enough. And speaking of Milk Bones, Puffy you better bring my cookie back!”

Coco clears her throat and drinks from the water bowl on the platform...

“There have been many good times at this site and now with the changes that SAY Media is incorporating, we have found ourselves homeless, tossed out like yesterday's garbage. Luckily, we are a group of resourceful pups and kitties and we were not scattered to the wind. Instead we held fast and spoke among ourselves on different options that we could look into.

Some pals chose to go to Facebook where other Dogster/Catster members had already gone once fleas and ticks started popping up on the Dogster/Catster pages. Others discovered that they could do their own BLOG and invite their pals to follow along. Within days, Fizzy and Rudy set up a forum page where us abandoned pups/kitties could share our thoughts and continue on as before. Pals were in a hurry to secure private emails, phone numbers, Facebook names and even BLOG and Forum sites so that they could stay in contact with one another.

During this whole desertion, we discovered there were many smart pups/kitties among us. Abby and Buddy's daddy wrote a wonderful set of instructions telling us how to copy our Dogster/Catster pages so we would not loose our photos and diaries. I hear that he also has a set of instructions on how to copy the videos but as of yet I have not tired them.

Finley and Whitley proved to be power dogs when it came to doing the BLOGS. They stopped everything they were doing to help many pals through the process. I know for a fact that they had to walk my momma through some of the steps because, well, what can I say, poor momma is technically challenged. Finley and Whitley you girls are much more than pool ball players, you're really smart.

Flicker helped momma find a program that she had lost when her computer crashed. Momma had searched and searched but the exact program wasn't to be had. Within minutes, Flicker knew exactly what momma was looking for and sent the link to her. Thank you again Flicker! Momma now has it safely downloaded onto two computers so she won't loose it again.

Hershey, also was instrumental on helping momma find a lost set of instructions that she needed. Does this prove how inept my momma can be? Thank you Hershey for always being there for us.

Zoe our pal from Idaho is another computer smart pup who has had the luck, or bad fortune, to have to walk momma through some of the computer stuff. Thank you Zoe for everything you have done, not only for us, but for other pups as well.

Before I turn over the microphone for you to share your own memories, I would also like to remind recall one more of my own Dogster memory - the bumper stickers Dogster/Catster gave away. Surely you all remember them...they were quite small and it was the Dogster/Catster logo with the paw print on it. Well, we did send out for a couple but never used any of them. Heck, they were quite small and we were in the process of moving from California to New Mexico. Somehow they got “lost” except for one that momma had tried to BLING out by putting rhinestones for the paw print. She was going to put this bumper sticker on our Pupmobile, but with everything else going on, it just never happened.”

“We waited to see pictures of what other pups and kitties did with their bumper sticker and can only guess many, like momma, never sent in photos of having used them because although Dogster/Catster said they would publish the photos we never saw any.”

“With Dogster/Catster's closing of everything except for the magazine, I would like to say that I have finally found the appropriate place to put my BLINGED out Dogster bumper sticker and I have SAY Media to thank for this.”

Coco hops off the platform and runs over to the over head projector and throws a switch. There for everyone to see on the stadium sized screen was the bumper sticker. The crowd starts howling and meowing as they see where Coco has put it.

“Now pals, I must quickly ask any of you to make your comments and then stand back because I' pretty certain I will be thrown off of Dogster.” – BOL, BOL

“I love you all and hope we will stay in touch. Dogster it has been a pleasure to play at your site for all these years but the site as we know it is gone. Good luck to the Watchdog and Techno dog and hope Say Media treats you better than they did us.”

Coco puts down the microphone and goes off looking for Puffy...

Friday, July 11, 2014

New living room furniture and rugs 09/11/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here...

As most of you know, daddy spent a lot of time building our house in New Mexico.  Momma, Simba, Bay-Ling, Arleenton, Coco and I stayed behind in California while daddy worked daily to get the house built.  We all moved to New Mexico before the house was completed and stayed in that nasty, small, leaking trailer that daddy had been living in.

Simba, my kitty furbrother.

Bay-Ling my kitty frusister who is now an angel.

Coco Rose and Arleenton, both at the Rainbow Bridge probably playing tag together.

Anyhow, on the last load of stuff to be taken from California to New Mexico was a pitiful sofa and love seat.  The  sofa was damaged by Bay-Ling as she apparently thought it was a wonderful scratching post and one of the springs was broken.  Momma tried to convince daddy to take this furniture to the dump but he refused saying he could fix the spring and momma could fix the cat damage so it was loaded up in the moving truck and hauled to New Mexico.

That furniture sat in the garage/warehouse for almost two years.  Yup, we didn't have any furniture in the living room except for the queen sized bed that daddy put in there so we could move out of the trailer and into the house before the house was completed.

So today, daddy got up early and loaded the old furniture into the hauling trailer and took it to the garbage transfer station - BOL, BOL.  Momma was almost as excited as she was when we moved out of the nasty trailer.

Our living room now has a new sofa, love seat and chair, plus some nice tables and lamps.  To complete the room, daddy bought some rugs which I promptly christened one with some piddle - BOL, BOL.  Daddy is threatening to have me put back into wee-wee wraps, but this far, I have managed to escape that. 

Our new living room furniture.  NOTME piddled on the carpet that is under the coffee table (well, come on now pals, we all knew it was only a matter of time before THAT happened - BOL).

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mei-Ling pictures and arrival date 06/09/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here...

We received four new photos of my new fursister Mei-Ling:

here is Mei-Ling drinking from a hanging water bottle. 
Mei-Ling looking soooooo cute!
Her hair is coming in nicely as she is now looking "fluffy".

 I can't wait to teach her everything I know...
We will be going to Arizona on August 9th to pick her up - everyone is super excited.  I'm going to be the best big brother in the whole world!

Shine on award 06/09/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here...

 I got da Shine On award from my pal  Whitley, my wonderful Texas Westie who hasn't met a cat she doesn't love (I think she would change this saying if she met my kitty furbrother Simba).  Anyhoodle, there are some rules that go along with the award and they are as follows:

 1.  Visit and thank the blogger and who nominated you.
 2.  Acknowledge the blogger on your blog and link back to them.
 3.  Share 7 random facts bout yourself.
 4.  Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.
 5.  Eat a cookie.  What momma?  I made up dat rule?  Well, it are a good one, so I are keepin it.
6.  Demand a new stuffie from your humans (one can never have too many stuffies)

 Ok, so I's already done numbers 1 and 2 so now it are time for the random facts
1.  I am a wonderful watchdog.  If someone comes up our driveway, knocks on our front door, or walks by our French doors, I bark like crazy.  Should someone be crazy enough to open the French door and attempt to come inside, I growl and warn them to STAY AWAY.  Of course I can't always tell who is coming inside so I have growled at daddy a time or two which doesn't make him happy.
2.  I get really nervous and have shown my displeasure by pooping, whining and being unsettled when something upsets me.  My California vet knew to get a towel before taking me from momma, just in case I poop, but thus far, my New Mexico vet thinks I'm a really nice pup - I sure got him fooled.
3.  I bite!  Don't let my cute little face fool you, I might be real nice at first but should you rub my hair wrong while you are petting me, I will try to bite.  I also like to bite ankles just to scare the humans. 
Do I look vicious to you? 
4.  I follow momma all over the place except for when she walks down the driveway because it's too hard for me to walk long distances because of my popped knee cap.  Instead, I will position myself where I can see where she is and should she get out of my few, I suck it up, and head down the driveway to find her. 
5.  I love riding in the pupmobile! 
I love to go for rides in the ole Pupmobile!
6.  I do not like to go outside in the rain!  Coco used to go outside and piddle on the door mat so she wouldn't have to get her pretty little feetsies wet, but without her, I don't know how to do my business when it is raining.  Momma hopes I figure it out soon.
7.  I don't LOVE every stuffie I receive - yes, I know you are shocked, but it's true.  I am picky and if the struffie is too big, or doesn't feel right in my mouth, I will not play with it.  My favorite stuffies tend to be the small Boo-Boo's that I can toss around and chase after. 
Here I am outside with one of my favorite Boo-Boo's.  It's a perfect size as I can carry it around and play toss in the air with it.  Would you like to come play with me?
Well, I hope this helps you to learn some things about me.  I am not going to nominate 15 pals for the Shine on award because I think all my pals deserve awards.  However, feel free to list 7 interesting facts about your self in you Blog so everyone can learn more about you. 
Now, I'm going to go see if momma will give me a cookie and a new stuffie...

Monday, July 7, 2014

More humming bird photos 06/07/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here...

Here are some more photos of the humming birds at our bird feeder.

Sorry for the glare from the window but if you look carefully, you can see the tongue sticking out of the hummers mouth.

Getting ready to select a feeding port.  This hummer is so pretty as it's head is a shiny copper color.
This hummer is black and white.
Okay, that's it for hummer pictures.
Tomorrow I have to do my posting acknowledging my Shine award.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Humming birds 06/06/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here...

For days, momma has been trying to get some pictures of the humming birds visiting the feeder that is right outside our French doors, but every time she snaps pictures of them, because of the wing movement, they are a little too blurry for posting, but today, she might have gotten lucky - what do you think?

At one time, there were five humming birds trying to get to the sweet nectar. 

We could see several different types of Humming birds visiting, but not all liked getting their photos taken.

They kind of look like little bats in this photo - don't you agree?
 Coming in for a landing....

 Get away, this feeding port is MINE!

Look at that beak....
This must be a little boy because he is a nice green color...
For those of you who are wondering what is in the feeder, it is the Oriole solution, apparently the Humming birds really enjoy it.  Momma found it at the tractor supply store in Gallup.