Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shine on award 06/09/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here...

 I got da Shine On award from my pal  Whitley, my wonderful Texas Westie who hasn't met a cat she doesn't love (I think she would change this saying if she met my kitty furbrother Simba).  Anyhoodle, there are some rules that go along with the award and they are as follows:

 1.  Visit and thank the blogger and who nominated you.
 2.  Acknowledge the blogger on your blog and link back to them.
 3.  Share 7 random facts bout yourself.
 4.  Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.
 5.  Eat a cookie.  What momma?  I made up dat rule?  Well, it are a good one, so I are keepin it.
6.  Demand a new stuffie from your humans (one can never have too many stuffies)

 Ok, so I's already done numbers 1 and 2 so now it are time for the random facts
1.  I am a wonderful watchdog.  If someone comes up our driveway, knocks on our front door, or walks by our French doors, I bark like crazy.  Should someone be crazy enough to open the French door and attempt to come inside, I growl and warn them to STAY AWAY.  Of course I can't always tell who is coming inside so I have growled at daddy a time or two which doesn't make him happy.
2.  I get really nervous and have shown my displeasure by pooping, whining and being unsettled when something upsets me.  My California vet knew to get a towel before taking me from momma, just in case I poop, but thus far, my New Mexico vet thinks I'm a really nice pup - I sure got him fooled.
3.  I bite!  Don't let my cute little face fool you, I might be real nice at first but should you rub my hair wrong while you are petting me, I will try to bite.  I also like to bite ankles just to scare the humans. 
Do I look vicious to you? 
4.  I follow momma all over the place except for when she walks down the driveway because it's too hard for me to walk long distances because of my popped knee cap.  Instead, I will position myself where I can see where she is and should she get out of my few, I suck it up, and head down the driveway to find her. 
5.  I love riding in the pupmobile! 
I love to go for rides in the ole Pupmobile!
6.  I do not like to go outside in the rain!  Coco used to go outside and piddle on the door mat so she wouldn't have to get her pretty little feetsies wet, but without her, I don't know how to do my business when it is raining.  Momma hopes I figure it out soon.
7.  I don't LOVE every stuffie I receive - yes, I know you are shocked, but it's true.  I am picky and if the struffie is too big, or doesn't feel right in my mouth, I will not play with it.  My favorite stuffies tend to be the small Boo-Boo's that I can toss around and chase after. 
Here I am outside with one of my favorite Boo-Boo's.  It's a perfect size as I can carry it around and play toss in the air with it.  Would you like to come play with me?
Well, I hope this helps you to learn some things about me.  I am not going to nominate 15 pals for the Shine on award because I think all my pals deserve awards.  However, feel free to list 7 interesting facts about your self in you Blog so everyone can learn more about you. 
Now, I'm going to go see if momma will give me a cookie and a new stuffie...


  1. Hey, dat rule 6 looks pretty good - I need a new stuffie too momma!

  2. Good to meet yu Puff! Bol!

    Yu an yur lil stuffies! Yur an addict!

    I like that yu are a ankle biter. That's cool!

  3. You did a super duper job with the questions... they were HARD... Hey... you have a NO WALKIN thingy too Isn't RIDING in it... FUN??? Like a LIMO or somethingy.
    WE do NOT like to pee or poop in the rain or snow either.. Just sayin.
    Butt you surely do have everybuddy Fooled with your SWEET INNOCENT looks... hehehehehe

  4. Crikey Puffy ..... you rule, mate!! You're the best. Love that you bite ankles! That's VERY brave of you and so what you poop when you get nervous?? There's worse things!! Wanna try eatin' your bed. That's what I do!!

  5. Fun facts, Puff!
    I hate the rain times too...and stick my head out the door, and then just as quick retreat back into the den! Eventually though I give in and *go*. Then I roll all over the carpet to get dry...

    You're a biter, OMD. (Shhh...I have done that too...)

  6. Ankle-bitin'??? Hmmm...I hab neber finked 'bout duin' dat tu skeer dem off. Fanks fur da tip, Puff. Yu shur du SHINE, my fwiend!