Friday, May 9, 2014

Oopsie 05/09/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here...

This morning we were rudely awaken by daddy telling momma that she had to get up because the humans were going to town.  Turns out Coco and I were also going because Coco had a vet appointment because she has been observed shivering.  Daddy at first blamed momma for this saying Coco was shivering because she was cold since momma had shaved off most of her hair.  Momma feeling bad had made Coco a nice coat to wear and sleep in, but the shivering continued.  So, off to the vet we were BOTH hauled since I can't be left at home alone because I have panic attacks.

Anyhoodle, once momma got up and dresses she took us outside to do our business but we were both too excited and refused so we were put into the truck on the floor board behind the drivers seat.  Momma had let me take one of my stuffies with me but once the truck started moving I began to whine.  Yup, I wanted to go for a nice ride, but for some reason, I whined.

The ride to town takes over one hour and I whined, and whined.  When we were almost into Gallup, momma looked back to see how Coco and I were doing and discovered I had piddled all over.  Luckily, momma had bought daddy one of those Weather Tech mats that are advertised on TV, you know the ones where coffee is spilled but the carpet is protected.  Well the mat worked beautifully except Coco and I were NOT in our crates so the captured piddle was running all over the mat thus we got it on us too.  Coco being prissy, decided she didn't like being in the piddle and decided to lay on top of daddy's big map of New Mexico - BOL.  Me, I was walking all over in it and then putting my wet feetsie all over everything.

When we arrived at the vet's office, momma walked us around before taking us inside just in case either one of us still had a need to go potty.  Nope, neither of us did, but we were quite dirty from dirt and wet pee - BOL.

So, momma took us inside and daddy left to go to a car wash to clean the Weather Tech mat off.  Once inside, momma signed in and told the receptionist that she was taking us into the bathroom to try to clean me up.  The bathroom had a very small sink and momma proceeded to wash the piddle and dirt off my paws and then discovered - NO TOWELS - PAPER OR OTHERWISE - instead they only had a air blower that wasn't working.  By now, there was dirty water on and in the sink and walls - BOL, BOL.

Momma didn't know what to do so she put me on the floor and decided not to try to wash Coco off as she had escaped most of the piddle.  Since I was wet, water was being deposited on the floor but there really wasn't anything momma could do about it. 

We walked back into the waiting room and guess what momma found...a nice, fresh mound of doggy poop right by the reception's desk.  Momma asked for some paper towels to clean it up because she was pretty certain I had left the deposit right after we had entered the office but the nice lady at the desk told momma that she would have someone come clean it.  Momma kept on apologizing to everyone for the mess and extra work I had cause - BOL.

At this time, Coco was called into the exam room and daddy had returned so off we went so the vet could determine what was going on with Coco.  The vet concluded that it is probably a stomach type issue since she has also been having some loose stools, and prescribed some medication for Coco. 

After we left the vet's office, the humans briefly stopped at Wal Mart and got a few things and then we all headed home.  I should note that I did not whine this time but momma had put her jacket down on the floor board for Coco and I to lay on and it was nice and soft and I was pretty worn out from whining the whole way to town also.

When we got home, both Coco and I got a full bath to get any remaining piddle and dirt off of us and now we are going to take a nap.



  1. Wow, yu have such great adventures! Bol!
    Hope CoRo stops the shiverin an feels better soon.

    1. Momma says it would be nice NOT to have all the drama when Coco and I are allowed to go places with them - BOL.

      Coco has to take her medicine twice a day for two weeks. It's a liquid and when daddy gave her some today she tried to bite him - BOL.

  2. WOW !! THAT was quite an experience. We see those MADE IN THE USA Mats advertised all the time... and NOW we know they WORK ... at least fur keeping stuffs off the Truck Carpet.. Guess they wouldn't pawmise to keep Pee of a Pup though, now would they... hehehehehe WISH we could have been there to see the Drama in the Baffsroom.....

    1. Momma said she was embarrassed at the mess she left in the bathroom. She went to ask the receptionist if she could have a mop to clean up in there but before she could do that someone went and used it and then we had to go into the exam room. Once when momma took me to the vet in California I pooped right on her and some also went into her new, expensive designer purse - BOL, BOL. When we got home, momma had to empty out her purse and wash it in the washing machine. This wasn't such a good idea as the dye used wasn't color fast but there wasn't another option because momma insisted on getting ALL the poop out of the lining of the purse and couldn't come up with another means of doing such. She said the purse wasn't the same afterwards - BOL

      The Mats in the truck saved the carpet but they are made of hard rubber and they have grooves so liquids can run the length of the product. The sides are molded upward so unless you spill lots of liquid it will be contained on the mat. They are easy to clean all you have to do is take them out carefully so you don't dribble any of the spilled liquid on the carpet and then hose it off. When we were done at the vet's the mat looked nice and dry - BOL

    2. Those mat sellin peepoles oughta give yu moneys or at least treats fur givin their product a "thumbs up" efun though yu don't got thumbs.

  3. Hope Coco are feelin better soon!

  4. Crikey ..... You and Coco Rose are disasters waiting to happen!!! Way too funny. Your poor Mom .... oh the embarrassment! Fair dinkum! It's a wonder she could even go in and face the Vet. AND you pooped in your Mom's handbag??? OMD! My Mum's in hysterics at that one. Mum and I spent today with the Grankids. One of the little girls came out of the bathroom and said in a really big loud and very worried voice. "Mummy .... I did a weez on the ipad. It was an accident, Mummy." Must have been the day for weez and poop accidents, aye?? Hope you stop shaking soon Coco Rose ...

  5. Yikes! What a day you all had, and growlmy has had embarrassing times like that, too...caused by my unfurs when they were wee ones...I am a goody two shoes, BOL, BOL!

    Feel better, Coco Rose!

  6. I hope yu r feewin' bedder weal soon, Coco Wose. Wike Fwankie an' Ernie sed, I wish I cooda beened at da bet's obbice tu watch all da 'citement!!