Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I have a question 05/21/14

Hi friends - Marilynn here.

I would like to change the name of this blog - is there some way I can do that and retrain the prior posts and friends that I have?  I am still having a real hard time with Coco Rose's sudden illness and passing.  I would like to take Coco Rose's name off this blog and name it something more generic so it will be useable for any family members we have.

Thank you all for the lovely comments you left when Coco crossed to the Rainbow Bridge - they mean a lot to me.  Puffy isn't doing to well without Coco to show him what to do.  He is lost, not eating much and isn't playing with his stuffies.  We are on the look out for another BOSSY Shih Tzu for him (and me).


  1. I think Finley/Whitely could advise you how to do that.

    Sending lots of hugs and doggy licks.

  2. Sendin ya lotsa big hugs. And sendin Puffy a lot too.

    Here's some help on how to change your name:

    How to Change Your Blog Title/URL

    1. Go to your dashboard (

    2. Click the down-pointing arrow next to the pages symbol.

    3. Choose settings (it is at the bottom of the list). Here you are able to change your blog's title and URL.

    How to Change Your Name

    This is how to change the name you are commenting and signing your blog posts as.

    It looks like your blog is hooked to Google Plus, so you will have to change your name on there. Go to and then hover over "Home" in the upper left corner. Click Profile. Click on your name. There you can change your name.

    Hope this helps. If you need any help, email me at

  3. Whitley covered it... sending you and Puffy big hugs...

  4. Crikey .... we've been thinking of you and Puffy heaps ... Love and Hugs!!!!!!!

  5. We've been thinkin 'bout how yu all are doin.
    Poor Puff, he's needs a boss doggie.
    Keep lookin. There's sum grrl Shih Zhus listed on Petfinder that are kinda near yu.

  6. You seem to have the instructions. That is super.
    We have been thinking of you. We are very much GLAD that you will continue to be with us.

  7. Looks like you already have the info. Have been thinking about you a lot. Hoping time and beautiful memories will ease the pain you feel right now. It does take time.

  8. You can have Luna. She's not a Shih Tzu but she is bossy.

    I am missing Coco too. I feel bad for poor Puffy. Did you show him Coco before she was buried?

    My momma is crying now.

    Love Hobo