Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Good-Bye Coco Rose 05/14/14

Today, Coco Rose made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  I would like to say it was totally unexpected but when I woke up this morning deep down inside, I knew that Coco was very sick and needed to go back to the vet for re-examination.  She was breathing hard, listless and didn't want to go outside to do her business.  I carried her outside and tried to encourage her to walk around and potty, but she went back to the door and wanted back in.  Once inside, she went over to the kitchen water bowl, took a few licks and then went back to the big bedroom and proceeded to shiver.  I tried to give her a cookie but she didn't want it (Puffy ate hers along with his). 

I woke Howard, my husband and we bundled Coco in a blanket and took Simba's smaller bed for her to lay in on the trip to the vet.  Puffy came along because he has separation anxiety, but this time I made him ride in a small crate just in case he decided to piddle in the truck, again.

Puffy must have sensed that Coco was not feeling well because he did not do his normal whining.  Once at the vet's Coco was x-rayed and blood tests were performed.  No problems were noted on the x-rays, but three of Coco's kidney values were so high that the machine couldn't give the vet an accurate reading.

The vet stated that once the kidney values are unobtainable, there is no medicines or procedures that can reverse the damage and death is coming.  He did say he could insert an I.V. drip to flush out the toxins.  I asked him if this would give her more time and he said yes, several days to maybe a couple of weeks but that would be all.  He also said we could take her back home and let nature take it's course but could not assure me that Coco was not in pain.  I think having her shiver was a sign of pain, so I made the choice to have her put down in the vet's office.

Coco was brought back home: I dressed her in the coat I made for her, wrapped her in a nice soft baby blanket and put her in a burial box.  Before we close up the box, I put her favorite toy, Henrietta chicken, that Whitley and Finley gave her one Christmas in the box with her.  I was going to give her a nice supply of cookies but since we do live in a rural area with lots of wild animals, I decided against this.  She is probably standing at the pearly gate demanding to know where all the cookies are right this very minute. 

The big bedroom seems very empty with out Coco Rose hogging up the bed.  Puffy seems to be "lost" not knowing where his Coco Rose is although he did get to sniff her body before she was put inside her burial box. 

I can't talk about this heart is breaking.  I wasn't prepared and it will take me some time to deal with it. 

I'll always love you Coco Rose!

Hey!  Where are all the cookies up here?



  1. Fly free now sweet CoRo Grrl. All the cookies belong to yu now.

    Our hearts are breaking too CocoRoseMomma. Sending our love.

  2. Sendin y'all lotsa hugs - we were so sad to read about Coco Rose earlier this afternoon. She were a very special girl. I's so glad she luved da chicken we sent her. We're all gonna miss her a lot.

  3. Sending you all lots of love and hugs. I'm so glad she loved that chicken toy so much. Our hearts are breaking for you. Lots of tears over here today... Coco Rose was such a special girl, she sure loved her treats and her clothes... just like our girls. We sure will miss her....

  4. The Calling

    I have heard the calling; it's a voice that I must heed. My time with you seems
    short, but with a heavy heart, I know that I must leave.

    This path I walk, I walk alone. I sense the bridge is near. It's filled with
    memories of our time, our love and life spent here.

    Your heart I'll carry next to mine ..... they've always beat as one. Fear not my
    friend, forever more, upon this bridge I'll be .... until the time you heed
    your call ....that leads you home to me.

    Written by Sue Long (Paw Prints from the Fundy)

  5. My prayers, love and thoughts are with you and all of your Family, Marilynn. Such sad times. I didn't know Coco Rose for VERY long but I certainly came to love her. She will be very sadly missed by such a lot of people. She had so many dear and wonderful friends. Sending a big cuddle your way ..... Love, Charlie's Mum, Lynn.

  6. I truly was just beginning to get to know Coco Rose and Puffy, and their furmily.

    I would love to stretch my paws and growlmys arms out into the interwebs and give huge tight hugs to you now.
    We are holding you close in our thoughts.

    As I said elsewhere, your heart will burst with all the memories you have treasured up in there.
    The love you gave is the hurt you feel now, the more you love the more it hurts...

    Freckles sends his licks and soft woofs.

    ((((( ♥ )))))

  7. Happy journey to the Rainbow Bridge; lovely, funny, smart, naughty, feisty girl. You are loved by all who had the honor to know you and your personality. We miss you so much already!
    Love to you all!

    The Papillon Pack ~ Misty, Scooter, Pepper, Cutter~ & Mom, Laura.

  8. Sendin y'all lotsa purrs and luv.

  9. Momma is crying so hard. I'm crying too. My beloved girlfriend. We didn't get the chance to get married. I can't stand it. I'm dying inside. I will write more tomorrow.

    I love you so much my Coco Rose.


  10. Lulu, Ebby, CeeleyMay 14, 2014 at 11:53 PM

    Such sadness... We just found out thru Dogster. I can't stop crying. I'm so shocked.

  11. Me and mom are so sad.. our hearts are breaking for you. Sweet Coco Rose, you were so loved and will always be loved. Sending lots of hugs and love <3 ~Lacey and humom Christy

  12. We are so very sorry to hear this sad news. Coco Rose is lucky to have lived with people who loved HER more than themselves. You are to be commended for allowing her to make her journey in a gentle way.
    We pray that your Wonderful Memories will sustain you during this difficult time.
    Sincerely, Frankie Ernie and Mom Lana

  13. Oh, Coco Wose. I miss yu so much, sweet gurl. West in peece at da Wainbow Bwidge an' kno' yu will live fureber in da hearts ob all whu knowed an' wuffed yu <3

  14. Our hearts are heavy with your loss. Love and prayers to all.

  15. I am beyond grief. I am very sad. I cannot think. I love my little Coco so much. Life won't be the same.

    Love forever,


  16. I'm so very sorry for your loss, Marilynn. I didn't know Coco Rose, but I know loving a dog, so my heart totally goes out to you. So terribly sorry.

  17. Baby girl! So sorry to hear. Now you will be free, my furiend - endless walks, cookies, treats, belly rubs, and lots of other furiends to play with! Be at peace, sweetie.


  18. Run free, sweet girl. We'll see you again one day.

  19. Dear Marilynn,

    I posted this to Dogster but I wanted to post it here too.

    I lost my best friend, my girlfriend, the only one. My Coco Rose went to the Bridge to be with my sister Jenny.

    It was sudden, it happened so fast I didn't have time to say good bye.

    I will join her one day but until then, I will see her in my dreams.

    I'm worried about little Puffy. He is going to miss his sister so much.

    My momma is so sad. Another friends dog died today and it was very sudden. She has been crying most of the day. It's very hard when our people lose us. It breaks their hearts.

    I love you Coco Rose. Stay safe until I come to be with you.


  20. Thank you all for your comments. It has been more than a month and Coco's passing has not gotten any easier. She has left a void in our hearts that can't be filled.