Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No! I'm not sharing 03/11/14

Hi pals,  Coco Rose here.

It has been brought to my attention that some members of my family think I do not know how to share.  I assure you that I do know how to share:  Let me give you an example:

My furbrother Puffy has a yummy duck strip and he puts it down to go get a drink of water.  I'm perfectly happy to share his treat so I scurry over to it and snatch it up and then take it back to where I have my treat - BOL.

 Yup, these are all mine, Mine, MINE!!!!!

What one do I want?

I know, a nice liver snack.
It's very tasty.

Gosh, can't a girl eat without having a camera shoved in her face?
Hugs and kisses,
Coco Rose


  1. BOL, you got da right idea bout dis whole sharin thing.

  2. Crikey Coco Rose your way too funny! My Mum loves you. I do too. Just like Whitley I reckon you've got this sharin' thing down to a fine art. I like to stash my treats too and if I had a brother or sister I'd be real sneaky and pinch his/hers as well. Poor Puffy!!!!!!

  3. Sure nuf, yur a good sharer!

  4. BOL! Those treats wouldn't make any pile here,I scarf em down as soon as I get em...and when cousin doggy is here, well I try to gobble his too...
    Wanna shares yours with moi?

    1. That's whut happens here too Freckles. Life is too short fur hoardin. Better gobble stuff while it's fresh!

    2. Sharin' r fur kitties...*runs off, laughing*

  5. Share?? What do that word mean??? BOL!

  6. Yea,Finley! What does share mean???????I'm pretty sure,I'll remain an only FUR!
    Gma says, she is too old to grown up another pup.Where would she find one, as gifted as myself? So the word share has been thrown out of my vocabulary...The beds, toys,treats,blankets are ALL MINE! kisses,mazy