Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks,,,oh my!

Hi pals,

Do you want to know what the rodents do during winter?  They stay in their homes and make babies.

 There are three rabbits in this picture - can you spot the hidden rabbit?

 Cottontails enjoying the spilled bird seeds.

Cotton tail and brown squirrel sharing the feast.
When momma first started feeding the birds there were only Blue Jays and sparrows coming for the free food.  Slowly but surely, the four legged animals started coming over.  We now have three cottontails, five chipmunks, three gray squirrels, and several brown squirrels that stop by for a bite to eat.  Yesterday we even had two large dogs that were visiting us (they belonged to a neighbor down the road).  We have seen a coyote and two large crows hanging around the outskirts of the bird feeders but as of yet, they have not ventured into the area although the coyote does come close to the side of the house. 
Puffy and I don't get to play with these visitors because they might carry fleas and other things that could make us sick.  Sometimes I sit on the big bed and watch them outside the window but I think it would be more fun if I were allowed to bark and chase them. 
Hugs and kisses,
Coco Rose


  1. Those bunnies are lookin mighty healthy. I can't find the 3rd on in the 1st piccie. He's hidin good.
    Whut do yu mean, " I were allowed to bark and chase them"?
    Doncha jus' bark any ol' time? I know I would!

  2. Zoe - look carefully - the third bunny is in view momma will send you a paw mail telling you where the third bunny is: she doesn't want to tell you here just in case others might want to hunt for the bunny.

    We mostly bark at the UPS and Fed Ex people and daddy - BOL. Sometimes when we are in our courtyard we bark just to bark. We like the sound of our voice, especially Puffy as he always has to have the last bark.

  3. Nope, we can't find the third bunny either! Be careful with the wildlife. In the town near us, since yesterday, a large owl has been terrorizing small dogs and we don't know about any cats yet. So far one doggie was sent over the Bridge by the owl, one is in critical condition and 3 more are very sore but will be ok. The town has now called in a conservation officer to try and catch and relocate the owl.

  4. We got dose bunnies round here too - dere's some dat live in our front yard and are usually out at night.

  5. Crikey ... I can't find him and I've sure looked. You blokes have mighty scary critters over there. An owl that terrorises puppy dogs. Fair dinkum ... That's one scary owl!

  6. Yep, we gots lotsa bunnies and squirrels... and Dad saw 2 coyotes across the street early one morning when it was still dark..

    Charlie, we has huge redtail hawks around here... once snagged a mini-dachshund...yikes!

    1. Crikey .... poor dachsy!!!!!!! You got mighty mean critters ...

  7. Hmmm, I see a hidden squirrel...but no hidden bunny, BOL!
    We had a hawk that was hungry here when I was a wee pup, and growlmy had to be careful that I didn't become dinner...
    We have foxes and coyotes here sometimes. Lots of bunnies and other varmints of the rodent variety...esp groundhogs. BARKETY WOOF BARK!

  8. Coco an' Puff! R da bunny dat bwown furry fing on da wite hand side 'bout 2/3 ob da way up da pichur? Ahind a wock??