Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rain, hail, snow and sun - 03/02/14

Hi pals - Coco Rose and Puff Darby here.

We finally got some much needed moisture - It rained, hailed, snowed and then the sun came out again creating MUD.

"Puffy stop grinning like a Cheshire cat - you know if you walk in the mud you are going to have to have your feetsies washed along with any other parts you just happen to get muddy."

"But I like feeling the squish of mud between my toes."

"Sometimes Puffy you are soooooo weird."

Anyhow, her are some pictures of our rain and snow:

I'm pretty certain momma isn't going to be hanging any laundry outside today.
Don't worry - Our turtles aren't real.
It had just started to rain but boy did it poor.
It's snowing.
Kind of pretty isn't it?
Coco doing her business on the door mat - BOL

This is how a I do my business - right in the snow.

Hey, get this white stuff off of me!

I'm heading back to the house - I've had enough of this stuff.
Note:  I tried to make all the photos large but for some reason I could not get the option link to open on all of them.  This feature has been very temperamental and I am wondering if it is something I am doing incorrectly.


  1. I think if you click on the pictures after you post them in your blog they least they did for me.

    Hooray for needed moisture! May your wet needs continue to be fulfilled so that your lake may be refilled!
    Good thing the washing wasn't on the clothesline...and why didn't your turtles put their heads into their shells? BOL!
    Your snow-doggy pics are too cute!

    1. I've tried clicking on the pictures and nothing happens except that the picture gets hi-lighted. The first three pictures a line of options appeared asking me what size I wanted to make the photo so I was able to increase the size to large. The rest of the pictures got hi-lighted but the line of options never appeared. Oh well I guess we are stuck with smaller pictures.

      Lake still dry because all snow is just about melted - we didn't get enough to really make a dent in the drought.

  2. I think dat stuff came and visited us - we got sleet and thunder and all kindsa mess!

    1. I guess we should be happy that we aren't back East where they are having yet another big storm upon them. Sure wish they could send some of the excess our way.

  3. Crikey Puffy ... there's some good looking mud there, aye? Was that a hammock I saw in your snow picture in the trees. Bit cold for laying around in a hammock, aye??
    I just clicked on the pictures and they came up big for me to have a look. I don't know if you can make them big in your blog but if we can make them big afterwards all is good!! I LOVE your pictures.

    1. Yes Charlie - the hammock is daddy's outdoor office - BOL, BOL. He leaves the hammock up all year round and so far it's survived just fine.

      Clicking on the photos does not always work for us - don't know why...

  4. Yep, I like that click on the piccie to make it bigger feature.
    Mud, glorious mud! Puff will be so happy afore the mud dries out and becomes dust.

    1. We click and click on the photos and nothing happens...very frustrating.

      Daddy says Puffy likes the extra attention he gets when he has muddy feetsies. BOL

  5. Yeah, for needed moisture! I would love to run through that mud at your place!

    1. Come on over Buddy - Better get here soon because the sun has been out so the mud is drying up in places. I'll take you to my favorite mud hole and we can roll around.

  6. YAY fur pichurs!! We waffed at da hammock, tu! We r sowwy yu did nod ged wotza wain/snowz, bud at weast it r a start.