Thursday, September 3, 2015

OMG - Tell me it isn't true

Hi pals,  Coco Rose here,

Sometimes things happen and there aren't any explanations for.  My good friend Ebby came to the Rainbow Bridge to be with her sisters Winkles and Ceeley.  I have always had a rival with Ebby because she liked to take MY cookies whenever she was at one of the wonderful parties that Puffy and I used to throw. 

"Hey Ebby!  Get away from MY cookies!!!  Oh, sorry, as I was saying Ebby is now an Angel and she is once again trying to take MY cookies". 

Ms. Lulu, my momma is crying for your losses.  You have had your share of heartaches;  First Wrinkles a few years ago and Pawpa, then right before Puffy came to join me, sweet Ceeley showed up at the heavenly gates.  Now Ebby.  Please find comfort in knowing that you have given all of your furchildren a wonderful home with much adventures, cookies and most of all love.  Their Pawpa was waiting for them as they crossed into the most wonderful kingdom.  Of course I came with a welcoming basket of cookies and Ebby wanted to know why my secret pockets were bugling out and the basket was almost empty - Sheesh, she was implying that I took some of her cookies, can you believe it"?

Ms. Lulu, please accept my sincere condolences, but I feel that Ceeley and Ebby were so close, that they didn't want to be without one another.  I know it hurts having lost many that you love so close together, but please find comfort in knowing that your furbabies are once again together along with their beloved Pawpa. 

Look at Ebby's beautiful smile.  It's hard to believe she is gone.

 Ceeley always took time to stop and smell the flowers. 

BIG sister Wrinkles was at the pearly gate with Pawpa waiting for Ceeley and Ebby. 


  1. It are so tuff to believe dey are gone. I ackshually got to meet Ebby and Ceeley - dey wuz even more pawsome in real life.

  2. What a lovely tribute
    Loves and hugs to their Momma
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Thinking about you all at Rainbow Bridge. Biscotte and Tippy are there too. I hope you all have some fun. Be sure to hide your cookies because Biscotte is a cookie monster. Sending you lots of kisses by the next cloud available. XOXOXO

  4. Thanks for making this beautiful tribute for your angel furends, Coco Rose.

    We didn't know them quite as well as you, but...they were among the furry furst furends that welcomed MJF many years ago in Dogsterland.

    Its so hard just thinking about Lulu's losses, I feel I have lost some part, too.

    Sending much love,and big tight hugs to her at this time.

  5. It makes us sad that dey are both gone... they wuz pawsum pups and we will always treasure gittin' to meet dem at da Fiesta Pooch Pawrade back in 2012...

  6. Have y'all gotten yer new lil pup yet?