Friday, June 12, 2015

Birthday pressie? 06/12/15

Hi pals, Puffy here...

As many of you know, two days ago was my fursister Mei-Ling's first birthday.  She is a whole one year and two days old now.  Of course I've had to listen to her telling me how very special she is.  Anyhow, last night when we went outside to do our business before going to bed, momma just happened to come outside with us and she thought she saw something moving in our Crab Apple tree ring/planter.  Now remember, we live in rural Ramah, New Mexico, and we have bobcats, mountain lions, bears, deer, elk, badgers, lots and lots of prairie dogs, coyotes, and snakes.  In fact, our neighbor just found a Mojave rattler in her yard.  These are very poisonous, and not something you want to play with, or so momma says. 

Anyhow, momma has been being extra careful when she lets us into the courtyard and when she saw something moving, she walked over to the tree ring and there was one baby bunny.  Yup, some momma bunny brought her baby over to visit with us (baby bunny was believed to be too young to have jumped into the tree ring on it's own).  It was only about 3 inches long and had a full coat of fun on it. 

Mei-Ling was running around saying that it was her birthday pressie!  How come everything belongs to Mei-Ling all of a sudden?  Shesh, at least Coco and I had an agreement that I could have all the stuffies and she would get the cookies, but Mei-Ling has decided that she will not honor this agreement and will be claiming both stuffies and cookies as her own. 

After momma seen the baby bunny, she made us go back into the house, then she got a slice of bread, crumbled it up and went back outside and put the food into the tree ring for the baby bunny.

This morning momma checked to see if the baby bunny was still in the tree ring and was surprised to find TWO baby bunnies in there!  That's right both Mei-Ling and I have our own baby bunny!

"What momma?"

"Puffy, I want you and Mei-Ling to leave those babies alone."

"But momma, aren't they for us?"

"Sorry Puffy, but they are wild animals and for some reason, momma bunny seemed to think the courtyard would be a nice place for her to hide her babies in."

"So, that means, the baby bunnies aren't for Mei-Ling or me?"

"That's right Puffy, now get back in the house and forget about those baby bunnies." 

 Here is the tree ring and our Crab Apple tree.  This picture was taken before the humans put in the fake grass in the courtyard or had the concrete sidewalk done.

Here is another photo of the tree ring and courtyard.  We love our fake grass!
Here is one of the baby bunnies.  This one was actually standing on top of another baby bunny that you can't see in this photo.

Update:  There are now THREE baby bunnies in the tree ring - can you see them?



  1. Three!!!! You've got 3 baby bunnies, wow! That's soooo lucky, what are you gonna call them?
    I hopes you've got a good supply of carrot to feeds them
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xx

    1. Hi Princess Leah, The baby bunnies are so young, They stayed in the tree planter all day and hardly moved. Momma put out some water and baby food for them, but so far, they haven't tried any of it.

      We are not going to name them as we are hoping the momma bunny will come back tonight and move them someplace else.

  2. Bunnies poppin outta the tree ring! Like majik!
    They are gonna be So Much Fun to Chase! Bol!

    1. Hi Zoe, It was like magic, We were all surprised to find them in the tree planter. Momma says we are to leave the babies alone, but Mei-Ling and I aren't know for obeying orders - BOL.

  3. OMD!!
    Wow! I would not have been as obedient as you two pups...good thing they are safe in that tree ring, BOL!
    Growlmy hopes no bunny eating varmint gets at them...hoppity-hippity-hop! Maybe the momma bunny will visit you too!'Then you can have an early Easter pawrty!!

    1. Hi Freckles, I can't get into the tree planter because I am old and have mobility issues, but Mei-Ling could easily jump into it. She can also run like the wind and would have a great time chasing them, but momma won't let her.

      Your Growlmy is probably correct about the bunny eating varmint, as we don't often see baby bunnies, squirrels or chipmunks around. Lots of things here that would enjoy a little bunny snack.

  4. OMD OMD OMD I (Frankie Furter) have MAD LOVE fur Bunnies and esp. BABY bunnies.... I never hurt them or anythingy.... THOSE are soooooo cute...
    You are soo lucky to get to watch THREE Babies... they grow Right in front of you...

    1. Frankie and Ernie, you are both welcome to come over and play with the babies. You can even babysit them for a day or two.

      Momma would like to see the babies grow up, but she is concerned that the momma abandoned them. Tomorrow the "workers" are supposed to come back (we aren't holding our breath), to finish everything and we are concerned that the extra people and noise will make momma and baby bunnies upset. Really hope momma bunny comes to move them someplace else tonight.

      My momma says she feels privileged that the momma bunny felt our courtyard was a safe place to leave her children at.

  5. Crikey ... they're multiplying like ....... well ...... like rabbits, aye?? You gotta do something Puffy ...... you can't go round telling us you got bunnies in your yard and you're doing nothing ... that's letting the side down, mate. At least bark 'em if you can't reach 'em.

  6. Good ay' Charlie (Did I get that right)?

    Mei-Ling has taken up the rabbit patrol. She can smell them and has been trying to get into the tree planter. Momma was hoping that the momma bunny would come in the middle of the night and move her babies someplace else, but they are still here. Momma is afraid that they are going to starve to death. She put out a bowl of water and some nice baby food, but neither seem to have been touched. Hope our little bunnies don't die...

  7. Da baby bunnies will be fine, Puffy. Da momma bunnies try to leave dem sum place safe during da day and dey comes back at night and nurses dem. Bunnies would eat alfalfa or hay or cilantro, stuff like dat. But dese bunnies is probably still nursing. Tell Momma not to worry, da momma bunny knows a safe place when she finds one...

  8. Bet momma bunny are tryin to keep em away from coyotes.