Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This is what has been going on....

Hi everyone, Mei-Ling and Jade here,

We haven't had our blog updated in months!  Time is just flying by.  I will be turning two years old on June 10th, and Jade will turn 1 on July 27th, can you believe that?  My little fursister and I get along great.  Her personality is quite different than mine though.  I am calm and mello.  Jade on the other hand, always seems to get in trouble.  Just today, Jade destroyed one of momma's Iris plants that was just opening up.  Now, it is in a zillion pieces because Jade thought it would be fun to rip it apart.  I tried and tried to tell her to leave the flower alone, but she wouldn't listen.  When she was done with the Iris, she moved on to some other plants.  Momma had to put up fencing around several of the planters to keep Jade from doing more damage.

As some of you might have noticed, we didn't get to post any of our pretty photos here.  There were over 3,000 photos in momma's computer, but the software program got messed up and refused to let momma have access to any of them.  Luckily, momma found a computer expert who could trouble shoot her computer remotely and was able to fix the problem.  Once momma could access the photos, momma immediately moved them all onto thumb drives so if the computer messes up again, at least the photos will be safe.  

Daddy has been busy reassembling the greenhouse he put up last year.  We had some real strong wind storms come our way, and every panel, plus some of the framing got ripped out.  Daddy discovered that two of the larger panels have disappeared.  There isn't anyplace locally where he can purchase replacement panels from so he had to order them through the internet.   The shipping costs were more than the panels were, can you believe that?

Momma hasn't been doing much of anything.  She tried to make a doctors appointment, but her doctor was out sick, so she ended up having to see someone else.  This doctor ordered a full set of blood tests and discovered momma's red blood count was dangerously low.  It was so low, that momma had to be rushed to the hospital for a blood trasfusion.  She was admitted to the hospital and received three units of blood.  Now momma has to get a bunch of testing done to figure out what is going on with her.   At least now, we understand why momma was so tired all the time.

We hope all is well with our pals.  We are still in shock about beautiful Whitley 's passing.  She is going to be missed by all of her friends and family...

Love to you all!

Mei-Ling and Jade


  1. OMC - hope your momma are ok.

    My momma are still real sad bout Whitley too - it are weird round here wifout her.

  2. Crikey ...... how good it is to hear from you!! OMD!! I do hope Momma is ok though!! Please give her lots of licky kisses from me. Mum and I have missed you!! I hope next time we can see some pictures of you all. Take care, aye?? Dear Whitley .... I think we are ALL in shock.

  3. Sorry your mom has been Sickie and Glad that she is getting better...

    Nice work Jade.

  4. So good to hear from you. I think about you. We have had a lot happen to us since the last time we talked. I don't know if you know Milo died last March. Cancer. He is missed.

  5. Hi, Mei-Ling and Jade!
    Jade you are such a mischief maker, BOL!

    Sending lots of POTP to your Momma. Hope she feels better soon.

  6. Good to hear ya barkin' in... sorry yer Momma isn't feelin' so gud... hope dey figger out whut is wrong and make her feel better.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday tomorrow!!

  7. Sending good thoughts to your momma and hoping they can get her feeling better soon. Hugs!

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