Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Catnapping the dogs page 02/25/14

It has come to my attention that the dogs have a BLOG and I was so rudely left out.  The mere title of the Blog indicates that Coco Rose and Puffy are the sole bloggers:  Well I'm here to tell you that I, Simba Blue, will take over the dog's blog page as I see fit.

I'm the handsome fellow on the right hand side.  There were cat treats in the fishes mouth and I wanted them.

I'm a Ragdoll cat and was born on May 15, 2000 so that makes me almost 14 years old.  I have been living with the humans since I was an 8 week old kitten and I think that give me more say on how things are done around here. 

I am not afraid of those two yapping dogs and I have been known to box them as I deem necessary in order to get the respect I deserve.  I only had to box Coco once as she was a fast learner and has decided I am the KING!  However, apparently that silly white dog must be missing some of his marbles because I've had to box him several times but he just doesn't seem to learn.

Most of the time we all get along just fine but every once in a while, there is a fall out between myself and Puffy.  Puffy will bark and growl at me then chase me until momma or daddy makes us stop.  I find the whole thing to be funny because that crazy pup can't jump up on the furniture so I always manage to get away.

I had a kitty sibling named Bay-Ling, but she passed away last year of cancer. 
                                           This is a photo of Bay-Ling.  I sure do miss her!

Momma has tried and tried to talk daddy into adopting another kitty so that I can have a friend, but daddy says momma and he are getting to old so getting a kitten isn't very feasible.  Momma countered that it would be a wonderful opportunity to give an older kitty a home, because older animals are often put to sleep, but still daddy refuses.

So now I find myself as an only cat in the family.  However, the night before last, there was a kitty in our yard.  Yup, a full grown cat was lurking around the bird feeders hoping to score a snack.

The gray kitty looked to be well fed, but the only neighbor who we know has some cats is an elderly couple in their 90's.  They (the humans) are experiencing health problems and the woman is currently in and out of the hospital.  Daddy thinks the gray kitty is one of theirs but isn't sure.  Momma wants to put some cat food outside for the kitty, just in case it comes back, but that food will also attract wild animals, so that really isn't such a good idea.  So for now, momma is on the look-out for the kitty and if she finds it, she says she will give it a home with us.

These two pictures were taken today - go ahead - admit how handsome I am - I will fully agree with you.

Simba Blue


  1. Yep, furry hansum dood yu are Mr. Simba Blue.

    An' I am jus' 'bout ready to let one of our kitty cats have a go with My doggy bloggy thingy. Our Puff wants to show off sum of his huntin skills. I jus' like to sniff his tushie.

    1. Momma said we had to share so we had no choice in the matter. I'd still like to pack ole Simba up and send him to Texas. Let Finley and Whitley have him. Oops, got to go before momma sees this post....

  2. Crikey ... how come you cat blokes are sooooooooo good looking? That grey intruder is real good looking too. Not to mention Bay-Ling. Crikey those eyes are something else. Hey, Zoe ... how come you can get close enough to smell their tushies? They always hiss at me and I run a mile. by the way ... what's a tushie??? Sounds like a lolly to me!!

    1. BOL, Charlie...growlmy would have choked if she was drinking her tea...

  3. You are a furry handsome kitty.
    That big grey kitty is a good looking dude, too. Looks like a Russian Blue? Or maybe a British Shorthair? Who knows? He would enjoy an new home...but seriously we are glad you are all too far away fur him to come here, MOL! Dog-guy says so too...

    Your Bay-Ling looks like she was a super kitty, too.
    We send you our purrs that all will be well in the kitty side of your den!

    Pipo & Minko

  4. Hey Simba Blue, you are one good looking kitty!

  5. We agree, you are very handsome.
    Watch out that fish doesn't bite your head off, LOL.
    Dip and Elliot x

  6. My Bay-Ling had such stunning eyes. I know you must miss her. Simba Blue you are a very handsome dude yourself! It is nice to hear how you are doing. That grey kitty looks exactly like one momma had years ago. I hope you can hi-jack the blog once again and fill us in on your antics!

  7. WOW! Whut a gud-wookin' guy yu r, Simba Bwoo!! *'Kay, I sed dat wite, Momma??"*