Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lake? What lake? 2/22/14

Hi pals!  Coco Rose here.

Yesterday the humans after the humans went to the grand opening of the Family Dollar store, momma asked daddy if he would swing by the lake in our community so she could take some pictures.  Puffy and I were in the truck in the passenger seating area so we were hoping he said "YES" as we like to go for car ride, although sometimes big baby Puffy will start to whine after a while.  So, after picking up a few thing at the store, we went back to our community (remember the new store is about 9 miles from our house), and daddy drove to the lake. 

Our lake should have been here - HEY! WHO STOLE OUR LAKE???  No water in sight, just dirt.

                 I guess this means we won't be going to the lake to do any fishing this summer.

                                                      Not a drop of water to be seen.

There were only dried shrubs and candy striped rocks.  We didn't even see any deer, probably because there isn't any water to drink.

One of the things momma was excited about when we moved to New Mexico was having a lake where she could fish and kayak in close by our house.  All I can say is it isn't going to happen this summer. 

For those of you who have had excessive snow fall this winter, feel free to over night express your excess to us and we will put it in our lake - Thank you!

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


  1. OMD:(
    No water is furry bad indeed.
    I will gladly send you all my snow...yes all of it!

    Hey, if ts that dry your feet won't get so muddy?

  2. So sorry about your lack of lake! I will be sending you a Fed Ex shipment with snow just as soon as I can!

    1. Yup, we could use all the snow anyone can send us - We'll be on the lookout for the Fed Ex truck - thank you!

  3. I r packin' it up as I sit here typin'! 'Cept I need my fwont paws fur typin' so I r takin' a lil' bweak fwum packin' up da snows!

    My nu fweet ob GINORMUS cargo pwanes, LWDPS, r gonna dwop snowz whereber yu say tu, 'kay?? So jus' go outside an' watch fur dem. Den yell when yu see dem in da wite spots, 'kay??

  4. Hope you get some rains - dry lakeses are no good.

  5. Crikey ... that's no good at all. Lucky you got good mates to send you their snow. Will that work do you think????? If it does do you think they would send us some out here. We too are desperate for our puddles to get filled up.