Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Follow this blog button 02/04/14

Hi pals,

Momma is in a tizzy and there is no hope that she is going to be able to follow the instructions that Whitley did on how to add a FOLLOW THIS BLOG button on our page.  Yes, once again things are a little too complicated for momma's simple brain to understand.

She did find out what our blog ID was and did the FOLLOW THIS BLOG image onto Photobucket.  She then copied the code but when  she went back to the template and inserted the code, the code showed up on our page and not a follow this blog button. 

Momma tried and tried, in fact, she tried for more than four hours and still hasn't gotten the button loaded onto our page.

Why do things have to be so hard?

Also, what is that little bell in the upper right hand corner that is now showing a "5" above it?  When momma puts the curser on it, it says NOTIFICATIONS but nothing happens. 

We think it is time to turn off the computer and watch CHOPPED with momma.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose and Puff Darby


  1. The little bell are probably your google plus notifications.

    Are you making sure to use da direct URL link for your image? And being sure to choose HTML/Javascript for your gadget?

    If you's still having problems, my momma can do da code for you just to make sure it are right and nothing got deleted. Let us know.

  2. Whit's momma did my follow button...my secremetary are lazy...bol!

  3. Thank you for the offer Whitley but I think you have a lot of your paws right at the moment so momma says she is going to struggle with it for a week or two - BOL, BOL

    Finley, your momma is SMART - this computer code stuff is hard.

    1. It really takes no time for my momma. If you want to, you could send her your code and she could look at it and make sure it are ok.

      Momma and me has done the buttons for everyone else, so it are not a big deal.

    2. Thank you again Whitley - Momma is going to try re-doing the code later tonight. She will let you know what happened - keep your paws crossed - BOL, BOL

    3. Coco Wose!! Whitwey an' hur Momma jus' maded a 'Fowwow dis Bwog' buddon fur me! Dadda habbed tu add it tu my bwog cuz Momma's head 'sploded, bud it will make yur bwog wook eben kewler dan it awweady duz! Weally!

  4. My mommy couldn't do it either, Coco. We finally just went to the Layout page and found a way to add Follow By E-mail or whutevfur, and we're calling that good. I'm not even sure what the Follow button does that the Reading list doesn't??

    1. It do not really do anything dat adding a blog to the reading list doesn't do - just makes it an easy one-step click for peoples to add you.