Thursday, February 27, 2014

The storm is coming 022714

Hi pals,

After having some nice sunny and warm day, it looks like we are finally in for a big storm.  Yup, we are expecting rain, wind and snow.  In fact, we have had some sprinkles and a little bit of hail this afternoon but it soon stopped when the sun came peeking out from the clouds.  Now it's night time and we can see things are going to change fast.

                                               The sun is setting and clouds are moving in...

We are hoping to get a good water amount from the storm but don't want so much that things flood due to the inability of the dry lands to soak up all the water at once.  Of course maybe it will help fill our empty lake back up.

                        Momma took Puffy and I outside to do our business before the storm comes.
We sniffed and sniffed...
Tried to find a nice spot...
But you know it's hard to perform under pressure.

But finally, Puffy found a spot...
and I found one right afterwards.  Aren't you proud of us?
Hugs and kisses,
Coco Rose and Puff Darby


  1. Puff was 'prewatering' do his part in flood prevention.
    You did a good job helping, Coco Rose!

    I hope your lake gets a big drink! And no floods.

  2. Hope you get rains and refills up your swimmin pool, uh "lake."

  3. We got a few sprinkles and a little bit of hail - it was all over within 10 minutes. Now the forecasters are saying the "BIG" storm will come tonight - we shall see. We really need the moisture.

  4. Gud werk duin' yur *pwibacy, pweeze* unner all dat pwesshur, guyses! I weally hope yu ged sum wainz dis nite. We r geddin' more snowz. OMD.

  5. The weather wuz nice today and will be nice tomorrow... but then it goes cwap agin... ratz.

  6. You's been nominated fur a Liebster Award! Check out the details on my blog....
    Finley's Fables Liebster Award!

  7. Crikey I'm soooooooooo frustrated .... I'm on an internet go slow for one more week. I can read things but can't see pictures. Crikey this is REAL crook!!!!! All those piccies and I can't see them. Oh well .... hope it rains and your lake fills up. Be nice if I could see it ...

  8. Nice pictures coco rose!

    You have been nominated for a Liebster Award! Go to our blog for more details!
    love Rudy and Izzy