Monday, February 3, 2014

Our house 02/03/14

Hi pals,

Coco and Puffy here.  Some of our Dogster pals have requested photos of our home that daddy built.  For those of you who do not know us, we moved from Southern California to rural New Mexico where finding help to build a house was almost impossible.  Momma wanted a kit build home but daddy insisted on getting two steel building; one for the house and the other for the garage/workshop.  Daddy won and we ended up with a 2,200 square foot building for the house and a 1.200 square foot building for the garage/workshop.

It had just started to snow when momma took this photo today.  Our house is on the left and the garage/workshop is on the right.  We have a small courtyard between the two buildings so Puffy and I will be safe from things that might want to eat us, like bears, coyotes, mountain lions, etc...

This is our courtyard but as you can see, there is nothing in it yet; just mud most of the time and right now, snow.  The snows not so bad but when it starts to melt, then the mud reappears and that means lots of feetsie washes.  Somehow Puffy always manages to find the mud and ends up having his feet washed several times during the day.  I think he likes the extra attention - BOL, BOL.  Momma would like to add a brick patio so that a big portion of the courtyard does not have exposed dirt but they tend to be expensive if you need a lot of them, and we would, so she isn't sure what the humans will do to make the courtyard nice for us.  She suggested to daddy that maybe a wood deck might be the way to go, but all daddy sees is yet another project that he will have to do.

Now I'm going to show you some of the inside of our house.  The humans have really slacked off from working on it.  They still have to put down some baseboards, do the kitchen countertop tiles, fix all the cracks in the wallboards that the "handyman" and his crew caused, etc...  Most remaining jobs are pretty minor but require time and effort to get them done.  Daddy is worn out and doesn't want to work on the house anymore.  He has designed, planned, hired, supervised, and worked on this house for over two years.  Momma has only been involved for a little over one year.  It takes a lot of time, money and dedication to build your own home and the humans certainly deserves some time off  especially if it means momma will be in the kitchen cooking something for us - BOL, BOL.

So back to our home tour, here is a picture of our guest bathroom,

There will be two large storage cupboards, one on each side of the bathtub.  It's just your basic bathroom, you know, sink, toilet, and bathtub/shower combo.  This is the bathtub that momma damaged with some chemicals several weeks ago (that's another thing that daddy is now going to have to fix).

Now on to one of the most important rooms in the house - THE KITCHEN!!!!  Yes, I love this room, can you tell?

Our center island is 8 feet by 4 feet!  It has drawers on both sides and daddy recently extended the island so that momma can have a stool or two there so she doesn't have to stand all the time when making bread or cookies.  Daddy recently spent several day cutting and gluing the edge tile and the granite tiles onto the island.  The rest of the countertops in the kitchen still need to be done also but like other projects it will have to wait now that it is snowing and daddy doesn't want to be using the saw with frozen hands.  Most of the cupboards in the kitchen are actually drawers.  No more having to get on her hands and knees to see what is in a cupboard, just pull out a draw and momma can instantly see what is in there.  This kitchen is from IKEA and momma loves it.  So far, they have proven to be very sturdy and easy to clean.  The center island still needs to be grouted and that will be the next project the humans will do, sometime soon.  Our kitchen has one big picture window which you can see in the above photo and a smaller one off to the side where the microwave is, which does not appear in the photo. 

Well that's enough home tour for today.  Stay tune for more to come.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose and Puff Darby


  1. Dat kitchen looks like a good spot for treat makin - just sayin!

  2. Yep... a great place to snag a treat... love how big da kitchen is! Thanks fur da tour!

  3. Thanks fur the tour! Question: what is that lil nook to the far right in the kitchen? The one where ya had yur Christmas tree?
    Mommy loves the idea uf havin drawers instead uf cabinets.
    Maybe ya could have small kitchen garden in the courtyard. It wud be protected from critters.

  4. Thank you for the tour! That kitchen is pawsome!

  5. Thank you Coco Rose. You are a lucky pup to have that big kitchen with all those drawers to store your treats!

  6. Zoe, the little nook to the side of the microwave has a small window and will have, someday, a bookcase for all of momma's cookbooks. Momma loves cookbooks. Momma was thinking about having a kitchen garden in the courtyard but that area is going to be one of the last worked on. The soil here is rock hard and momma isn't sure what to do with it. Having supplement soils trucked to us would cost too much. Maybe we can do a couple of raised gardens to start with.

    The drawers are WONDERFUL!!!!

  7. Mommy an' Daddy jus' watched a show, Ask This Old House where a guy near you, sumwheres, showed how to build waffle gardens. Said that it was perfect for that hard clay soil. They made smallish areas, mixed in soil supplements and only planted and watered those. Left a packed down berm to help hold in the water. Here is the website, but for sum reason the show isn't comin on right now.,,,00.html
    I think you could google Waffle Gardens for more info.