Thursday, February 6, 2014

Follow this Blog button is up and running 02/06/14

Hi pals,

I need to thank Finley for coming to momma's rescue as she fixed whatever it was that momma was doing wrong and now the Follow this blog button is installed and working.  Ms. Finley it is amazing how smart you are and how fast you were able to correct the problem that momma was having.  Momma struggled and struggled but just couldn't get it right.  You are one talented pup!

On to other things, for those of you who are Dogster orphans please take a moment to read Zoe's latest Dogster diary entry.  If you already copied your Dogster/Catster pages using the instructions that Abby's daddy did for everyone several weeks ago, please be aware that you need to re-do them using the newest set of instructions that he made for us.  Something tells me that Puffy and I are in for another sleepless night as momma tries to muddle her way through more computer hodgepodge - maybe Puffy and I should go spend the night in daddy bedroom.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose 


  1. Yup, we are in the redo mode here, too...we have to do nine of them.
    Finley has helped growlmy a lot too...aren't she and her Momma just SUPER!

  2. Actually it were my momma, Finley's momma just handed her over da computer. Glad it are working now!