Monday, January 20, 2014

Where are all my pals? 01/20/14

Hi pals,

After having deleted our first two tries at this blogging thing, we discovered that we can't seem to friend anyone - now what did momma do?

Example: We went to and couldn't find a button that allowed us to friend them.  Help!!! We are lonely.............


  1. Coco Rose, the easiest way to follow a blog is to copy the address of the blog, then click on the orange and white B on the top left of your page, it will take you to your dashboard. Once there, you should press the add button on the left side of the page. A box will pop up. Paste the URL into the box and press follow. That's all.

    And congrats! (Let Whit's Momma know when you are all settled on your colors and she will make you a follow me button for your blog... the new ones don't have them. She will then send you the code. She is working on a tutorial on that to be coming soon.)

    1. Then once you've added all your pals' blogs, you can go to your dashboard to read all your friends posts in once place.

  2. Hi PUFF and COCO we found you .. i think mom did a fabulous job ! my mom would be dead in her boots trying to figure this out ! This is Buttercups mom !

  3. Whitley and Finley I owe you both a lot of THANKS!!!! I also owe THANKS to Zoe, Hershey and even Flicka who helped me with various things.

    Buttercupi - please have your momma try to do the blog as we want to stay in contact with you and your family. One of the really neat things that we have discovered is that we can post pictures of other things besides ourselves (have you noticed?) - BOL, BOL.

    It took me three days to get my blog up and I am still discovering things that need to be resolved, but in the end, it is worth it because I can still read my pals pages so I feel connected. Now if only Zaidie, Ebby and Ceeley can be talked into starting a blog too...

  4. Agree, setttin up a blog ain't as easy as fallin off a log.
    I rhymed!
    But, once you get goin, this place does a Whole lot more than the Dogster place. We can change font, colors, size, etc.
    I sure hope lots of others will make their own blogs. All of us "old pros" can help. Bol!

  5. Your blog looks great, Coco! My daddy would be in the doghouse if he "helped" the way your daddy did, BOL!!! And we don't even have a doghouse!

  6. Woof! Hi Coco Rose and Puff! Mom made me a blog too, thanks to Finley and Whitley and Zoe!

  7. Mom doesn't know why our other comment posted as her... she didn't want it to!!!! This is US!!!