Friday, January 24, 2014

Let me tell you a bit about myself

Hi pals, Coco Rose here.

I think I should take some time to introduce myself to you and give you a brief history:  Run to the kitchen and get yourself a cookie and please, please, PLEASE, don't forget to bring some back for me...

Anyhow, I was born on March 20th, 2006 to a family that had a small girl in the local 4H club, or so they said.  As always there is usually a runt of the litter and that happened to be me.  I was a tiny little pup all black except for a white blaze on my chest.  When it the time came for my birth humans to find new homes for the litter, all that was left was one brother and myself when my current humans came to look us over.  I was sleeping because I had just come in from playing with my brother: my brother was still running all over the place like a fool so the new humans chose me thinking that I was more mellow - BOL, BOL.

My new human momma was very much in the grieving process as she had just lost her Old English Sheepdog named Logan Benwizzen.  Logan was two weeks shy of being 10 years old when he passed away.  Three days after his passing momma and daddy adopted me. 

                                               This is a picture of Logan

Anyhoodle, I am a very self reliant gal so I didn't really need much.  Momma would hold me and cry into my hair and I would make soft grunting noises as I licked her tears away.  As time went on, we developed a bond that is very strong.  To this day, I still make soft grunting noises for momma and lick her all the time.  Daddy says I never do this for him.  All I can say is it is a special thing I do for my momma.

I can remember right after momma brought me home she took me to the human society to have me micro chipped and the person who was doing the paperwork insisted that I was black.  Momma being the stubborn person she can be, pointed out to my white blaze and said I was black and white.  Well the poor lady finally gave in and put my coloration down as black and white.  So guess what happened a few months afterwards - my white blaze turned black - BOL, BOL.  Apparently the lady doing the paperwork knew a whole lot more than momma did - BOL, BOL.  So now someplace I have paperwork that says I am a black and white pup, when in fact, I am a black pup.

    This picture was taken one day ago and notice there is no white blaze on my chest - BOL, BOL

I like to play rough, but ever since my furbrother Puffy hurt himself, he does not play with me as much anymore (I'll let him tell you all about himself tomorrow).  I am the leader of the pack and what I say goes.  You can play with my stuffies but don't even think about playing with my rubber chickie because I will come after you and take my chickie back.  IT"S MINE!!!!!

Another thing, I love my cookies!  Yup, those are MINE too so go away and leave mine alone.  And, if you should happen to have a cookie and put it down someplace, that cookie becomes MINE also. 

                                                                I love my cookies

Once, daddy was eating a saltine cracker and I wanted it.  I actually tried to bite him as he reached down to take the cracker off the plate (I was on the bed with daddy).  My manners regarding food are not nice, or so the humans say. 

I hope this helps you to get to know me.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


  1. Do you take them outside to let them "freshen" up like my sister Misty does? She likes to hide them outside and then neurotically worry if any pup might find it as we all sit inside.

  2. She takes da cookie outside?? That's ridiculous.. everybuddy knows ya should just wolf 'em down...

    1. Well, you have to wolf 'em down if you live with Finley because otherwise she'll steal 'em. I like to walk around with mine showin dem off, but I don't do it as much around Finley.

  3. That is jus' weird to not scarf the cookie down Right Now! The world may end and those horded cookies would be wasted.

    Hey, nice to meet ya CoRo! Bol!

  4. I sometimes take my cookies outside when I am so RUDELY made to go outside with Puffy even if I don't have to go potty. I drop my cookie right outside the door and then keep my eye on it as I tinkle a little just to please momma, then I run like the wind and grab my cookie and stand by the door until momma lets us back in. Sometimes I don't "age" my cookies, but most of the time I do. I've been know to carry a cookie around for several weeks before I eat it.

  5. Hi Coco and Puff, I found you. I had to make sure Coco didn't come here to find another boyfriend. I am jealous you know.

  6. Coco Rose do what I do. Follow Mom to see if she has more in her hand and then go back and scarf down what she gave you in the first place! Bol!