Friday, January 24, 2014

We did it! 01/24/14

Puffy here -

I'm writing this entry in the wee hours of the morning while Coco is sleeping.  It seems that is the only time I can grab the computer.  Anyhow, momma was having issues copying my Dogster pages and she didn't know what she was doing wrong.  She followed Abby's daddys instruction correctly, but for some reason, the pages just would not copy.

Finally, momma had a stroke of genius, or at least the fog lifted from her brain, and she thought the problem might be that the "C" drive was too full so when she tried to do the copy this time she told it to send the information to her "D" drive and it worked!  The pages were copied quickly and now we are headed off to bed to get some sleep.

Good night everyone.  Sweet dreams.


  1. Glad it worked!! Bet that's a relief!

    Wanted to let you know that Ebby's PawPaw passed away.. she wrote about it in a diary entry.

  2. Ain't that a cute piccie?
    Glad you got the puter stuff taken care of.

  3. Glad you got daddy's instructions to work, Coco Rose. Daddy and mom couldn't bare the thought of losing Abby's and my diaries and pictures, so daddy sat down and figured out how to get them. That is a most adorable picture of your Coco Rose!

    Hugs Buddy and Angel Abby

    1. P.S. mom has also started a blog for me:

      It is a work in progress, so please be patient with her while she learns the ropes!