Monday, January 20, 2014

Third times a charm 01/20/14

Hi!  My name is Coco Rose

I don't share my cookies with anyone!  I tend to hoard them until they are aged just right before I eat them.

This is my furbrother Puff

He likes to follow me around and steal, yes, that's right, STEAL my cookies so I have to carry them around so he can't take them.

Puffy and I are Dogster orphans as we needed to find a new place to play after Dogster announced they were closing their community pages.  We are lucky because some of our pals have also started their own blog pages so we can still stay in contact with many of them.

This blogging stuff is new to my human momma.  You will find as you get to know Puffy and I better that momma does not have computer skills.  In fact, this is the third blog we started in two day because things kept on going wrong.  Daddy tried to help momma with her blog issues today and managed to wipe out the first two blogs - BOL, BOL,  It's funny now, but it wasn't funny when it happened, in fact, momma was close to tears. 

Please be forgive us if you have problems with our blog as it is a whole learning experience for the humans.

Oops - I forgot to tell my pals that our address has changed.  Look for us at (they wouldn't let momma use CocoRosePuff as they said it was already taken so momma had to add the "Y" on Puffy.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


  1. I did it! I r here! An' I wuff it! I acessed yur bwog fwum Finwey's bwog an' I fink it taked me tu yur old bwog (wike a day older, mabbe??) i got heer now fwum yur entwy on Dogster! Dis r gwate!!!! I wuff yu, pupses!!!

  2. Crikey Coco Rose and Puffy ... I found you too ... how good is that?? My secretary (Mum) is going to start a blog for me (if she's clever enough) when we get back from holidays. After reading your comments she's not going to let Dad anywhere near it. I'm so glad I got here. Like Zaidie I did it from Dogster. I hope I can find you without having to go to dogster next time. I'm still having troubles navigating this site. Your Momma's computer skills look pretty good to me. My Mum's a complete drongo on the computer.

  3. Don't let da Daddy near da blog!!

    Charlie, we'll help your Momma if she needs it.. and now that we know what "drongo" means... we'll be sure to use it...bol!!

  4. Finley tries to steal my bones too, so I has to eat dem right away now.

  5. Dwongo?? Pawsum werd, Charwie!

  6. You did a Pawtastic JOB! YIPPY! As 1 dogter orphan to another, we will help each other do all these things to stay connected.