Sunday, January 26, 2014

Puffy's sad beginnings - 01/26/14

I was a discard.  Yup, for reasons unknown to me, I found myself with four different homes before I was even 5 years old.  I do know that the last home the human male had taken myself and my Yorkie sister to an animal rescue group and told them he was going through a divorce and wanted them to find new homes for us.  My Yorkie sister got adopted right away, but, sniff...sniff, no one wanted me.

I stayed in a kennel with a nice Labrador until my forever humans saw me on the rescue site.  They had been thinking about adopting another small pup to keep Coco company, so arrangements were made for the rescue group to come and inspect our home and yard and then to do a play date with me and Coco at the house.

                                                            Look how scared I look...

Coco and I got along very well so the rescue lady took momma's money and left me there with them.  I ran all through the house crying and in a panic because I was so scared.  The very next day, momma took me to the vet and even though the rescue group had given momma shot records the vet insisted that I have the shots done over or else they would not allow momma to join the health plan, so momma allowed them to re-do the shots and clean my teeth because they were so bad.

When the rescue group heard about me getting my shots over again, they threatened to come take me away from momma (they did remove my picture off of the "successful" adoption page - BOL.

So, here I was still a fairly young pup, afraid and as far as I was concerned, alone, again.  I cried and shook and there was no consoling me.  After two weeks momma told daddy that she thought they had made a mistake adopting me, because I was so unhappy, plus, I was piddling all over the place - BOL.

Within one month, I finally stopped  shaking but would still cry if I was left alone.  Someone had to always be in the house with me our I would panic.  Luckily for me Coco took me under her paw and told me that she was the boss and as long as I left her cookies alone she would help me out.  Since I am a stuffie pup, that arrangement worked out just fine.

                                                 Yup, these are just some of MY stuffies

Well that's enough about me for right now.  I'll tell you more some other time.


  1. Aw Puffy, you're just too cute!

  2. Awww.. Puffy.. your story made me get all berkwepmt (or verklempt)... who wouldn't want you??
    And as the Queen of Toys, I perfectly "get" the stuffy addiction...

  3. Yeah, I don't know who wouldn't want you. Oh, and Finley only thinks she is da Queen of Toys - I is da real one.

  4. Puffy you are so cute! I can't understand humans that can give up us pups. I was found wandering the streets and taken in by the Humane Society. My Mom adopted me as soon as she saw my picture on their website. Thank goodness! But I am a runner, if the door is left open a crack. Heehee

    1. You are a cutie patootie Milton. But don't run away from the good home you got!

  5. Poor Puff. Sad lil pup.
    Sure glad you came outta bein sad and CoRo started bossin ya, I mean, helped ya feel better. ;-)

  6. Poor Puff. I am so happy you found such a wonderful family.