Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pictures of Mei-Ling 06/29/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here,

Momma received four more photos of Mei-Ling, my new little fursister so I thought I would allow her to post them here...

 I sure hope she was yawning and not practicing yapping in my face...

 Her little eyes are now open...
 She's a pudgy little thing, don't you agree?
Look at that little belly...she's so cute!


  1. OMD she is precious!

    Aroo to you,

  2. Crikey ..... that's some belly! Looks like she's going to have Coco Rose's love of cookies, aye?? She is way too cute Puffy! You are going to love her heaps!!

  3. She is just adorable. I want to smell her puppy breath.


  4. Ut-oh! I think she wuz hollerin there, not yawnin.
    Yur gonna have yur paws full when she gets home, Puff!

    She sure is cute!

  5. Thanks pals for your comments. We are excited to be getting her and it will be really fun to watch her coloration change. Momma has been wondering if Mei-Ling is going to retain most of her dark coloration. One thing for sure is muddy feetsies will be easy to spot because Mei-Ling has white feetsies - BOL, BOL

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  7. She is growing already! In cuteness and stealing your heats!

  8. Mei-Ling is absolutely precious! We look forward to watching her grow!

  9. She is adorable but you will always be my sweetheart... Dogatary is trying 2 paw my woofs 2 u with this tiny little tablet.Wasn't, the laptop enough 2 deal with?
    Weather making garden,flowers,lawn a real challenge. I gave her a workout with
    Sheet changing. Sampled the pumpkin bars,going 2 help with window washing. Need new canvas 4 my art.....lunchtime....miss you bunches,kisses mazy

  10. O.M.D. *thud* Da cuteness - it r burnin' my eyes!!

    Yu hab yur werk cutted out fur yu, Puff! I can tell dat Mei-Ling r gonna be a pawful ob mischief an' uber notty pubby stuffs!

  11. I's given ya an award - ya can see it here - Even if ya don't wanna do all da rules, ya can still have da award.