Sunday, June 8, 2014

Desperate times 06/08/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here.

Now that I no longer have my beloved, but bossy fursister Coco here any more, I confess, I was desperate when I slept close to Simba Blue - Let's just keep this a secrete between us, okay?

I even got close enough to him to sniff his butt - BOL, BOL


  1. Ah sweetheart, I'm sorry you miss her so much. Milo was like that after Jenny died. It took him a few months to get better.

  2. Crikey Puffy .... you look so sad! I hope Simba Blue is being kind to you ... Take care little man .... it's good to hear from you!!

  3. Awww... Maybe you might even get to be furends!
    And snuggle buddies...


  4. Hey, dere's nuffin wrong wif sleepin wif kitties, I does it all da time.

  5. He let you sniff his BUTT? THAT is a good sign, ISN"T IT?

  6. Yeah, I luv to shove my nose ina kitty tushie. Great smells there!

    I guess yur lil pals aren't 'round right now? Are yu startin to eat any better Puff?

    Hugs to yu!

  7. Whut da woof??? Oh, deer. Puff, yur secwet r safe wif me, my fwiend.

    Sumtimes I pway wif a stuffed kitty dat Zoe sended me yeers 'go. Yu can keep a secwet, tu, wite, Puffy?? Da kitty eben meows if yu dwop him outta yur mouf! Du nod twy dat, doe, 'kay??