Thursday, June 26, 2014

I refuse to incriminate myself 06/26/14

Hi pals, Puff Darby here...

Momma and I went for a ride to the cluster mailboxes and for reasons unknown to me, she decided she would allow me to ride in Coco's Princess seat.  Now don't get me wrong, but no one but Coco ever had the privilege of setting a paw in it.  This Princess seat allows the lucky pup to be able to see out the window and have fresh air blow through their hair should the window be rolled down some. 

I'm so excited to be in the Princess seat...

It looks kind of HIGH from up here...

Okay, I'm sitting down, let's ROLL...

So, we went to the mailboxes and I stayed in the Princess seat like a good little boy.  When we got back home, momma made a little sandwich and got me a nice piece of lunch meat for being a good pup. 
She broke off a small piece of the lunch meat and gave that to me, but then put the plate with the rest of the meat on a the night stand right next to the big bed because a hummingbird was feeding at the feeder and she wanted to get a picture of it, which didn't happen because the hummingbird flew away.
When she came back, the lunch meat was gone - BOL, BOL


  1. BOL! Good job snagging da MEATZ™!

  2. Well, if she didn't wants ya to take it, she wouldn't have left ya alone wiff it! It weren't your fault... I think in da legal sfere, dey calls dat an attractive noosance...

  3. Onya Puffy ... Well done, mate!!!!!!!

  4. Notme strikes again!

    Hey, in CoRo's car seat? Can yu see yur house frum up there?

  5. I have nominated you, Zaidie with the furmouse Liebster Award of Bloggerland!
    Read all about it here:

    If some other fur already nominated you...well...don't worry about it, BOL! Or if you are too busy, just enjoy the fun...and maybe post that you got the Liebster Award.

  6. You're a good dog Puffy!. All of the lessons that Coco taught you are finally coming to fruition.