Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Disappointed 06/10/14

Hi pals, Marilynn here - Puff and Simba's human.

Yesterday my husband and I made a long trip to Farmington which is a major city here in New Mexico.  It took over 3.5 hours of travel, one way, to get there.  When we finally arrived there, my husband went into a well know electronics store and to my surprise, right next to it was a Petco store. 

While Howard went shopping at the electronics store I was happy to go see what Petco had as they had announced that they would no longer be selling dog/cat treats that were manufactured from China.  As many of you know, Coco had end stage kidney failure and it is thought that perhaps treats from China might have played a big part in this.

I went to Petco to see if I could find some duck strips that were manufactured in the USA for Puffy.  Immediately as I walked into the store there was a cart filled with duck strips and other types of treats.  I picked up a package of duck strips and looked and looked for where they were manufactured at and at the very bottom, hidden in some other stuff on the label in tiny print, was MADE IN CHINA!

In all fairness to Petco, their announcement regarding to stop carrying China-made dog and cat treats was going to be done in phases with the products purged from their stores by the end of 2014.  However, having just put down my beloved Coco Rose due to kidney failure I can tell you I'm disappointed that they did not pull the product NOW and stop selling them.  Instead, they had the cart that was full of duck and chicken strips placed right by the front door with a reduced sell price on them.  How many more pets are going to have to die?

Marilynn - Still crying tears...



  1. Crikey Marilynn ... I understand the disappointment! Like you, I always look for where anything is manufactured before purchasing and NEVER buy anything from anywhere other than Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Britain and some parts of Europe.
    Give Puffy Hugs and loves from us and please know that we are thinking of you and missing Coco Rose too. She was such a personality and we loved her too.
    Love Lynn and Charlie.

  2. Dat stinks - dey should just pull them from the stores.

  3. My mom was in Petco yesterday and noticed the same thing. Heaven forbid they take a loss to keep pups safe!

  4. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...Petco, smarten up, will ya???

    Hugs an' swoppy Zaidie kisses tu yu an' yur Momma, Puff an' Simba <3

  5. Sheesh, if there is recalls fur peeps, then it all gets thrown away...are pups not worth as much or more?!?

    Sending lots of hugs and some of my good licks, too.

  6. We understand your disappointment. Obviously making some money is more important than pet health in some places.

    I now make most of Buddy's treats and only buy treats I know are made in Canada or the U.S.

    You are in our thoughts. Please give Puffy a hug for us.

  7. I'm so sorry. I just want to hug you so hard.

    Cindy and Hobo