Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This, that and whatevers 10/28/14

Hi pals, Mei-Ling here...

We still have not gotten our courtyard or retaining wall done.  Yup, it's been over two months and the work isn't completed and some of the so called "completed" work has to be ripped out and re-done.  I think momma better plan on cooking a big turkey for Thanksgiving because it doesn't look like these workers are ever going to be gone.

 Here is a photo of the courtyard walkway where some worker walked in the wet cement...

That same worker didn't bother to make sure the concrete was all the way to the form...I think he got fired because now they have to jackhammer out the set concrete and do it all over again.

Now on to the more important thing, ME!  I am four months old and looking very, very pretty, even if I do say so myself. 

Here I am in my new coat with flowers on the hoodie.  It also has a pretty bow on it.

Momma says I'm going to need a coat because it is starting to get colder now...

Momma has been letting my hair grow so she can put it in a top knot.  She put a ribbon in it but it is still too short so I've been walking around with hair hanging in my eyes.  Not being able to see well hasn't stopped me from taking stuffies and food away from Puffy - BOL, BOL.

I'm being very good about letting momma comb me but that might change when my double coat come in when I get to be about 6 months old because that's when all the tangles really start to be a problem.

My furbrother Puffy and I get along real well and I love to play with him although he doesn't like to play as much as I do.  I also love, love, love, LOVE  to yap at him - BOL, BOL.  Daddy and momma are constantly telling me to "STOP" but I have a lot to say and I'm not going to be silenced. 

 "Um, Mei-Ling, I was playing with that."  "Too bad Puffy, if you want it back you're going to have to wrestle me for it."
 "The stuffie is MINE! Get off of me Mei-Ling!"

"Nope, not going to happen Puffy.  Momma said you have to share the stuffies." 

 "Mei-Ling, I don't mind sharing, but you can't just take the stuffie I'm playing with away from me.  That's rude!"
 "But Puffy, it's the only way I can get you to play with me."

 "Mei-Ling, I'm an old pup, my back hurts and just do not have your youthful energy.  Why don't you just lie down next to me and we can have a nice long nap?"

"How about I give you a really nice back rub instead?"

 "Does your back feel better now?"  "Yes it does Mei-Ling! Thank you, but I'm still ready for a nap."

 "You didn't really think I was going to continue to play with her did you?  She wears me out!"

"It's going to be a long time before I give him another back rub!"


  1. Mei-Ling we hate to tell you this, butt Puffy is correct... it is not PAWlite to take somethingy that way.

    OMD they have to Jackhammer the concrete up? We think the guy did not know what he was doing. Glad that he is not back.
    LOVE your coat.

  2. Mei Ling ya are da cutest. But I do kinda sympathize wif Puffy here, I hates gettin my stuffies stolen.

  3. Oh Puff, it sounds like you got your paws full with Mei-Ling. I feel for ya pal butts you have to admit she sure is cute.

    Aroo to you,

  4. Mei Ling, ya sure is a cutie patootie!! And ignore whut dose udder pups say, us younger pups has to do whut we has to do in order to get some attenshun!!

  5. Yikes! Now I am glad I don't have a younger fursib...except I do have some kitties to pester...um, I mean that pester me...BOL!

    What a mess/disaster with that concrete. OMD:(
    I hope they give a discount for all your patient endurance.

  6. Crikey Puffy ... You poor thing! That Mei Ling sure looks like a handful. Awful cute though especially in her new coat, aye? Sounds like a bit of a disaster at your house with all the concreting mess.

  7. Gosh, I can't get ofur how much Mei Ling has grown. She's gonna be a bunch bigger than yu Puff. Are yu still able to get away frum her up on the big bed? Yu need sum safe place.

  8. You pups sure are adorable!!!!!!!

  9. OMD, Puff an' Mei-Wing! Yu tu r jus' tu darn cute! Yu weally du hab yur paws full wif yur lil' sisfur, Puff! Gud wuck tu yu, my fwiend!

  10. Mei-Wing! Yur lil' coat r compwetewy 'dorable, Momma sez!

  11. Mei-Ling you are adorable! Sounds like you are keeping everyone on their toes. Too bad about the concrete! What a disaster! Hope this all works out for the best.