Thursday, October 16, 2014

Let me tell you about what happened yesterday 10/16/14

Hi pals, Puffy here...

Yesterday was not a very good one here at our home.  We had five workers show up around 9 AM to do the concrete work but the concrete company had a truck break down so everyone was standing around doing nothing until late well after 2PM when the truck with concrete finally arrived.  Since it was delivered late in the day, all the work couldn't be done. 

Momma feeling sorry for the five workers decided to bake some cupcakes for them, but she is still having issues with getting recipes that work at high attitudes, at least that is what she is blaming it on.  Momma mixed up all the ingredients and put them in the oven to bake.  She set the oven timer so she would know when to take them out and came back to the bedroom to watch the ID channel, which has all kinds of programs regarding murders, kidnapping, stalking, and other nasty things that humans do and promptly forgot that she was baking (do you see where I'm going with this)?

Anyhoodle, when momma remembered, she hurried to the kitchen and discovered there was still four minutes on the timer so she wasn't late, but smoke was coming out of the oven.  Momma turned on the oven light to see if there was a fire in it (there wasn't), so she opened the oven door and discovered the cupcakes had risen above the container and spilled onto the hot oven then collapsed like flat pancakes back into the cupcake tin.  There was no saving these cupcakes so momma removed them from the oven and put everything into the sink.  Everything would have been just fine except now momma needed to clean the oven and since it was still hot, she didn't think she should try to clean up all the spilled cupcake batter from the bottom of the oven because she didn't want to get burnt.  Any smart person would have waited for the oven to cool off, then wipe off what could be removed before setting the oven on self clean, but we are talking about my momma here so bear with me.

Momma told daddy what happened and that she needed to clean the oven so she could use it to make dinner later.  She warned him that he would probably be a "little" smoke but not to get alarmed because it would be the spilled stuff getting incinerated.  Need I tell you that there was more than a "little" smoke?  OMD, smoke was bellowing from the oven like you wouldn't believe.  Momma had the hood fan going and ran around and opened every window in the house but there was so much smoke coming from the oven that our house was filled with smoke in no time but for some reason the smoke alarm didn't go off like it should have..  Mei-Ling and I were running around in a panic so we were herded back into our bedroom where the smoke hadn't invaded and momma shut the door to keep it smoke free.  After about one hour, the smoke finally stopped but the house was so filled with smoke that it took hours for it to dispel.  Momma was able to use the oven to make dinner and after dinner, she decided to use the left over cupcake batter to make two cupcakes.  This time momma put the batter into individual small cake pans and then put those pans into s lager container just in case the batter should again spill over the top of the cake pan.  Mei-Ling and I settled down on the bed to watch Survivor and forgot all about the cupcakes - Yup, she did it again!  Daddy came into the bedroom and told momma that she had something BURNING IN THE OVEN - BOL, BOL.  Momma jumped up and went into the kitchen and yup, the cupcakes had again spilled over, flattened out and now were burning in the oversized pan.  The good news is that they didn't make a mess in the oven again but even today, our house still smells like something burned in it - BOL.

So today the workers are back and were doing the concrete but their boss showed up and everyone got in trouble.  In fact, the boss was so upset with the work they have done today that he is going to have them jack hammer out the new sidewalk in our courtyard and re-do it plus some of the sidewalk in the back of the house also.  Momma says we will not be happy with a jack hammer making noise but there is nothing that can be done.  It's a shame the boss wasn't here earlier to supervise the workers so this kind of stuff wouldn't have occurred. 



  1. OMD, dat sounds like a big ol mess!

    Did ya get any of da cuppycakes?

  2. Crikey Puffy ..... that's too funny, mate?? Maybe not just yet for Momma but she'll sure be laughin' about it one day. My Mum once put a can of baked beans in a saucepan of water on the stove and promptly forgot about it until she heard a massive bang. The water had boiled dry and the lid blew off the top off the baked bean can and whammo ..... baked beans hit the ceiling, the saucepan and baked bean can ended up on the LINO floor leaving a big burnt patch and Mum was only young at the time so she couldn't blame her medieval age forgetfulness or anything. Cleaning those baked beans off the ceiling sure took some doing. AND the smell. OMD!!!!!!

    1. Whoops I forgot ... those concrete blokes sound as if they didn't deserve those cupcakes anyhow!! Hope it all gets fixed real soon. Those jack hammers are awful noisy things, aye?? Got any ear muffs??

  3. Charwie r wite!! No cuppycakes fur wazee 'werker' guys whu du nuffin 'cept mess up an' junk!!
    Yeah, dose jackhammer-fings r gonna be weal woud. I mean, W-O-U-D. Hope yu pupses r gonna be ok.

  4. WoW! Lots goin on at yur lil rancho Puff.
    Yu gotta figgur out why yur smoke detector dint go off. That's important!

    Get ready to bury yu head unner the covers when that jack hammer gets fired up!

  5. Jackhammers are very noisy. They hurt the ears. Take cover!

  6. OMD:(
    Double or maybe triple OMD!!

    While your ears were protected somehow by no smoke detector noises, like Zoe said, better get that fixed. But don't ask the concrete dudes...
    Did the batteries give out, of if they are wired in, did a wire get cut or pulled out?

    Maybe you need the Two-Ducks Concrete dudes who did a beautiful job on our walkways and driveway. That is until the silly doggy next door somehow got out of his den and tried to say hello to my pawppy...and left a long trail of pawprints in the wet concrete...ACK:((

  7. OMD! what a pawfully terrible mess!!!!!!!!!!!! Gma thought most mixes have high altitude adjustments on the box? Those aren't working????????????As to bake overs, you must cool oven and remove all large quantities of that mess,before running cleaning cycle...At least that is how our stove works. There is still a little smoke but not to smoke the house up....Unless your cleaning cycle isn't working correctly?????? I'm just passin' along Gma's info. All I know, is yummy stuff comes out of the oven. In fact,Gma is raising cinnamon rolls in the 1/2 oven right now. Gpa can have rolls for breakfast. She'll freeze the rest. It's almost 80 here today but breezy. Zillion leaves to clean up. Gma was sick yesterday, so worked in house today. Will take a stab at raking sometime this week. She was so sick,she wouldn't play,work or nothin' honey.This morning she was fit as a fiddle. kisses,mazy

  8. Mazy... yer posts alwayz makes us hungry!

    Hope dat all da messed up work has been done right by now... we finally got all our home repairs done... and done right. Finally!