Sunday, October 12, 2014

The power of plastic 10/12/14

Hi pals, Mei-Ling here...

Let me tell you about this wonderful stuff called "Plastic money".  I was rummaging around in momma's purse and came across one of those magic cards and took it.  Momma did say we shared around here so I felt it was perfectly acceptable for me to make a few phone calls with it.

One bank card and phone - this should be easy....

I'll call Zaidie and increase our order on the MEATZ OF THE DAY deliveries.

I know his number is on instant dial...

Hello Zaidie.  It's me, Mei-Ling from New Mexico.  How are you doing?  Sorry to hear that your beautiful photos have vanished from your blog.  Anyhow, I would like to increase our MEATS OF THE DAY quantities to tide us over for the coming winter.  Here is the number of the bank card...

Could you please repeat that?  My bank card has been declined?  OH NO!!!!  There must be a mistake.  Could you please try again?

Zaidie  again tells me that the bank card is declined and wants to know if I has a different card I would like to try.

Sorry Zaidie, I'll have to call you back in a few minutes....

What am I going to do?  Maybe I can find another bank card in momma's purse...

Well that wasn't easy but I did it.  Now all I have to do is call Zaidie again and increase our MEATZ OF THE DAY order...

Hi Zaidie, it's Mei-Ling again.  Would you please increase our MEATZ OF THE DAY order as discussed earlier?  Here is the new bank card...  Zaidie runs the card number and it is accepted.  Thanks Zaidie, Puffy and I look forward to receiving the extra MEATZ.  I'll be talking to you again soon.  Bye....

Now all I can do is dream about all the extra yummy MEATZ that I am going to get...
Something tells me that I am going to get in trouble for this but it will be worth it - BOL. BOL.


  1. Bol! That Mei Ling is a go getter! She makes things happen!

    1. BOL, Zoe! An' Puff needs tu werk on hims innocent wook. Him wooks SO guilty! BOL :D


    OMD, Mei-Wing! Yu r jus' tu cute an' tu funny!! Hab no fearz, Puff! Yur 'Meatz ob da Day' memmership hab beened doubled startin' NOW! Ged eatin', my fwiends!

  3. I like how you get what you want. You're a take "charge" kind of girl.

    Aroo to you,

  4. Hee hee... I gots to say, I admires yer "take charge" attitood, Mei Ling!!

  5. You are one smart pup! Getting an early start at the girlie doings...aka shopping a la plastic!

    Puffy...hey, you might get some more MEATZ™ ! Cheer up!

  6. Crikey Mei-Ling ..... you got everything sussed real good, aye?? Rulin' the roost already!! Mmmmmmm!! Just one question ..... how the heck can you SEE to do anything?? Until that last photo I was starting to wonder if you did indeed have EYEs!!

  7. Way to go, Mei Ling! You go girlfriend!