Monday, November 3, 2014

Waiting for workers 11/03/14

Hi pals,  Puffy and Mei-Ling here...

We are waiting around to see if the workers who are supposed to be working on our retaining wall and cement are going to show up.  Yesterday, the weather forecast was for scattered showers and the possibility of SNOW!  Well it did rain a bunch and made everything muddy (ask me how many feetsies washes Mei-Ling and I had to have - I had three and smarty pants Mei-Ling only needed one) but there wasn't any snow.  All this outside work is wearing us down and the whole family wishes it was all finished and the workers out of here.  This work was supposed to have been done over one month ago but it just doesn't seem to get done correctly.  They still have to jack hammer out some of the concrete and then re-pour it.  Anyhow, that's our gripe for the day - We hope all our pals have a wonderful week.


  1. OMD I loves to complain especially when my chew gets to small.

    Aroo to you,

  2. SNOW??? Heck sakes... if they pour concrete in that kind of temperature.. it will FREEZE DRY.

  3. Oh, cwap. Dis r nod gud! Whut eber habbened tu werk efiks an' customer serbice an' all dat kinda stuffs???

    Gess whut. Our furnace died on Fwiday. Den it snowed on Saturday!!! Our howse gedded WEAL cold, but a coupla heaters helbed us keep warm...kinda. BOL!
    Da nu furnace r bein' installded as I sit heer tawkin' tu yu pupses! I r barkin' up a storm, ob corse!!

  4. Hope da workers show up and finish da job!

  5. Here's hopin' yer done wiff yer workers soon... I know Momma wuz really glad to see the last of da ones dat wuz doin' da werk 'round here!

  6. Hi pals, the workers didn't bother to show up on Monday and here it is almost noon Tuesday and again no workers. Daddy told momma he suspects they won't be back until next year....

    Zaidie - do you need us to overnight express the extra electric blanket your way?

    Frankie and Ernie - they put insulation "blankets" on top of the poured concrete so it can cure correctly in adverse temps. (at least that is what they say).

    Sully, Whitley and Finley - Trying to get workers to do work right and to finish is hard...people here don't want to work and apparently don't care about doing things correctly. Very frustrating...

    1. No need, Puff! Da nu furnace wuz installded, nod dis day, bud yes'day! I r toasty an' warm an' cozy an' junk!

      Sowwy yur werk r nod geddin' dunned.

  7. Crikey .... they've had ALL summer and now it's snowing again and it's still not finished. Your poor folks. They must be mad as hell, aye?? Sure hope its all done by Christmas!!

  8. Good grief!! I hopes yer folks haven't paid them yet! Usually dat is da onliest way to git them to do the work... withhold da money until it is done right!

  9. That is terrible! Paws crossed the work gets done soon!

  10. Yup, no dollars in their coffers till its done *properly* And a written warranty in case something happens due to poor workmanship. Maybe you should tell them that you are going to hire a new contractor and send the bill to the shoddy company cause they couldn't do anything right it seems.

    Hope things work out.